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DNA Study

Currently within the genealogical community, there is a large up-swell in interest in DNA studies to 'prove' the genealogical research conducted.
To help other Kemp(e) researchers to determine their genetic and genealogical lines, I have now expanded the Kemp(e) ONS to also have a DNA study.
The study is complementary, and there is no obligation for any researcher to join, however I would like to strongly encourage male Kemp lines to consider adding their DNA to the study.
The Kemp/Camp DNA study is hosted at FamilyTreeDNA and can be found here:
DNA Results:
See also DNA results here on the Kemp ONS:

If you have any questions on DNA testing or wish to share your results, please drop us an email at dna [at] kempfamilyhistory [dot] com
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Andrew Kemp
October 2011