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Seeking US Kemp information

Can you help? I need the following US Kemp information

  • US BDM information
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  • US Kemp lines with source information (in Gedcom format)
Can you help identify Kemp boy killed in Tranet riots in 1779?

Seeking help to identify these Kemp brothers.

Tranent riots 1779

In eliminating ...........Kemp, His Majesty Calvary had the satisfaction of killing a 13 year old boy who had come to Tranent thinking that the expected protest meeting might be a diversion. He (the records do not appear to supply his christian name) and his younger brother William watched the riot from a safe vantage point until they decided, as logic dryly puts it, "that it has become none than a diversion". On leaving the village the youngsters found themselves pursued by calvary and ran for their lives separating at the fork of the Pencaitland and Ormiston roads. We know from William's consequent Testimony that he forked right and was overtaken by a dragoon who aimed a sword thrust at his head. The blow merely cut off the top of the boys ear and he was saved from further violence by Dragoon's inability to stop horse which galloped off.

William's older brother was to have no such good fortune. His body was later found in a field between two roads. He had been stabbed in chest and the top of his skull was almost severed, nearly cut off temple to temple.

"Young boy killed begging for life" 1797 - There occured at Tranent East Lothian one of the bloodiest atrocities on the British mainland since the Battle of Culloden. Twelve people killed and up to 20 in what the Home Secretary dismissed as "an unhappy affair"

"Scotlands forgotten massacre" published by Moorfoot Publishing 1979.

Which Richard Kempe does this will belong to?

Seeking help to identify the correct Richard Kempe to attach this will to?

Can you help?

Seeking brothers who owned shipping business in Canada

Hadden Kemp is looking for two Kemp brothers who owned a shipping business in Canada in the 18th century . They sailed to Cork and to English ports . The Christian names could be George and Thomas .

Can anyone help?

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