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Armadale, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.8500000, Longitude: 145.0166667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cave, Alfred  1889Armadale, Victoria, Australia I54448
2 Cave, Walter  1891Armadale, Victoria, Australia I53540
3 Clancy, Florence Mary  1910Armadale, Victoria, Australia I53543
4 Clutten, Stella Frances  1890Armadale, Victoria, Australia I80900
5 Dethridge, Violet Esther  1912Armadale, Victoria, Australia I20069
6 Hillard, Alice Lester  1901Armadale, Victoria, Australia I54551
7 Kemp, Reginald George  1919Armadale, Victoria, Australia I48098
8 Martin, Amy  1913Armadale, Victoria, Australia I30136
9 Murphy, Christopher John  1889Armadale, Victoria, Australia I2910
10 Phillips, Norman Reginald  1888Armadale, Victoria, Australia I30093
11 Smith, Stanley  1889Armadale, Victoria, Australia I30341
12 Warner, Charlotte  1890Armadale, Victoria, Australia I30319
13 West, Claude  1889Armadale, Victoria, Australia I57023
14 Westbrook, Alfred Baxter  1891Armadale, Victoria, Australia I28853
15 Westbrook, Annie Maud  1894Armadale, Victoria, Australia I28854
16 Westbrook, David Maxwell  1893Armadale, Victoria, Australia I28855
17 Westbrook, Geoffrey Reginald  1904Armadale, Victoria, Australia I29033
18 Westbrook, Kenneth Henry  1901Armadale, Victoria, Australia I29057
19 Westbrook, Marjorie Eleanor  1898Armadale, Victoria, Australia I29036


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cave, Alfred  1889Armadale, Victoria, Australia I54448
2 Clutten, Stella Frances  11 Aug 1893Armadale, Victoria, Australia I80900
3 Crothers, Mary  1932Armadale, Victoria, Australia I44624
4 Halliburton, Margaret Elizabeth  1974Armadale, Victoria, Australia I78806
5 Jamieson, Caroline Parnell  1 Aug 1937Armadale, Victoria, Australia I44909
6 Jamieson, Emma Blanche  4 Jan 1948Armadale, Victoria, Australia I44558
7 Jamieson, Mary Ann  26 May 1930Armadale, Victoria, Australia I44912
8 Kemp, Blanche Edith  15 Feb 1936Armadale, Victoria, Australia I1274
9 Kemp, Christina Elizabeth  1929Armadale, Victoria, Australia I33463
10 Kemp, Dorothy Middleton  24 Dec 1968Armadale, Victoria, Australia I45387
11 Kemp, Irene Grace  10 Jan 1955Armadale, Victoria, Australia I374500
12 Kemp, Joseph  1930Armadale, Victoria, Australia I33482
13 Kemp, Matthew Hugh  1917Armadale, Victoria, Australia I33574
14 Kemp, Sarah Anne  7 Apr 1923Armadale, Victoria, Australia I33203
15 Kemp, Veronica Marie  1971Armadale, Victoria, Australia I36169
16 Palmby, William Alfred  1976Armadale, Victoria, Australia I21632
17 Pearce, Sarah Ann  1920Armadale, Victoria, Australia I20599
18 Phillips, Verna Clara Richter  1979Armadale, Victoria, Australia I30112
19 Ransome, Sarah Elizabeth  14 Jun 1966Armadale, Victoria, Australia I21706
20 Robinson, Irene Grace  1955Armadale, Victoria, Australia I46126
21 Strudwick, Elizabeth  1918Armadale, Victoria, Australia I47870
22 Twycross, Samuel  1894Armadale, Victoria, Australia I56986
23 Westbrook, David Maxwell  1893Armadale, Victoria, Australia I28855
24 Westbrook, Eliza Sarah Scott  1941Armadale, Victoria, Australia I28977


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Dorothy Middleton  Armadale, Victoria, Australia I45387