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Beechworth, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -36.3595, Longitude: 146.687


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cornelius, Ellen Jane Frances  1871Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I44885
2 Higgins, Alice Evelyn  1869Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I21650
3 Higgins, Ernest  1859Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I21645
4 Higgins, Evelyn Mary  1858Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I21644
5 Higgins, Marion  1860Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I21646
6 Kemp, Bernard John  1896Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I35211
7 Kemp, Charles Walker  1888Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I48165
8 Kemp, Edward John  1890Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I55634
9 Kemp, Mary Jane  1886Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I66556
10 Kemp, Percy  1899Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I46895
11 Kemp, Rose  1884Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I66704
12 Kemp, William Leslie  1892Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I53939
13 Kemp, William Robert  1889Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I55620
14 Kempthorne, Maud Allan  Abt 1877Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I54537
15 Larkins, Mona Aileen  1909Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I41048
16 Morrison, John Thomas  1892Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I56873
17 Morrison, Sidney James  1893Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I56877
18 Ransom, Dora  1870Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I33297
19 Ransom, Elizabeth  Abt 1860Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I1086
20 Ransom, Jane  Abt 1864Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I1089
21 Ransom, Mary  Abt 1866Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I1090
22 Ransom, Minna  1869Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I33296
23 Ransom, Robert  Abt 1862Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I1087
24 Ransom, Ruby Alice  1859Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I33295
25 Wells, Charles George  1899Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I57014
26 Wells, Edward Layton  1903Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I47692


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allatt, George Alfred  1954Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I44308
2 Brown, Rose  1932Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I35213
3 Cornelius, William Francis  1908Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I44884
4 Crouch, Mary Jane  1917Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I46762
5 Higgins, Evelyn Mary  1859Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I21644
6 Kemp, Bernard John  1946Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I35211
7 Kemp, Carol  1908Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I53619
8 Kemp, Catherine Gordon  6 Jan 1919Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I47317
9 Kemp, Edward John  1890Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I55634
10 Kemp, Edward John  30 May 1926Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I33428
11 Kemp, Elizabeth  1901Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I44883
12 Kemp, Emma  1891Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I44552
13 Kemp, James Alexander  Abt 23 Dec 1988Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I53887
14 Kemp, John Edward  17 Jun 1946Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I554256
15 Kemp, Mary Jane  1886Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I66556
16 Morrison, Agnes Kiell  1962Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I47319
17 Morrison, Cath  1904Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I54069
18 Morrison, James  19 Sep 1953Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I47321
19 Morrison, Jessie Annie  Sep 1948Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I47322
20 Wells, Charles  1928Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I47682
21 Wells, Emma Matilda  1897Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I54509
22 Wells, Fred  1895Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I57011
23 Wells, William Frederick  1937Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I47693
24 Westbrook, Olive Nellie  1982Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I29009
25 Whitfield, Harriet Alma  1953Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I47709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Walker, Alexander  Sep 1920Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I33537


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kemp / Galbraith  1886Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F10553
2 Ransom / Littlejohn  Abt 1859Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F125
3 Reid / Spillain  1888Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F17445