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Bendigo, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -36.7666667, Longitude: 144.2833333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowles, Keith  24 Jan 1914Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I21700
2 Burgan, Sarah Ann Laity  Abt 1860Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I27328
3 Chalmers, Charles Alexander  1896Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26700
4 Chalmers, Lily Agnes Bertha  1892Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26718
5 Chalmers, Myrtle Jean N  1894Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26655
6 Chalmers, Robert Alexander Bernard  9 Jan 1918Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26042
7 Creely, Vincent Anthony  31 Jan 1930Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I63103
8 Cunneen, Daisy May  1913Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44450
9 Cunneen, Ellen Jane  28 Mar 1912Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44449
10 Dethridge, Alan Bowden  18 Oct 1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I20051
11 Dethridge, John Brian  15 Oct 1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I20052
12 Glasson, George Herbert  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I53623
13 Harvey, Rebecca Jane  1883Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I36288
14 Hughes, Rosina Elizabeth  1878Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I20057
15 Jacka, Sarah Ann  Abt 1876Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I46016
16 Jackman, Edith Gerte  1878Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I53900
17 Johnson, Leonard James  24 Feb 1924Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I28128
18 Johnson, Margery Mc Rae  27 Jan 1926Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I28129
19 Jones, John  22 May 1875Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I80961
20 Jones, Sarah Jane  7 Jul 1864Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I73222
21 Kemp, Albert Johnson  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I45098
22 Kemp, Beryl Anne  1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I45212
23 Kemp, John Cyril  1892Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I55721
24 Kemp, Mary Kathleen Ellen  1896Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I55727
25 Kemp, Violet Rose  1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I55616
26 Kempton, James Roy Jackman  1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I56816
27 Moon, Marian Louisa  27 May 1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26419
28 O'Donahoo, Herbert Graham Oneil  1860Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I19898
29 Pallow, Laura  6 Jul 1880Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I27367
30 Pallow, Stephen  Abt 1860Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I27348
31 Pool, Harold Vincent  1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I56596
32 Ransom, Harry  1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33287
33 Ransom, Herbert William  1895Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33284
34 Ransom, Rhoda  1887Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I21744
35 Reynolds, Charles Albion  25 May 1862Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I39033
36 Reynolds, Hugh  1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I56945
37 Rule, Henry Charles  1881Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33237
38 Warren, Elizabeth May  11 Dec 1910Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26033
39 Westbrook, Edmund Horace  1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I29050
40 Young, Elizabeth  Abt 1881Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I56568


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Chalmers, Charles Alexander  1896Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26700
2 Chalmers, Lily Agnes Bertha  1892Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26718
3 Chalmers, Myrtle Jean N  1894Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26655
4 Moon, Marian Louisa  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26419


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bannon, Alice Anastasia Josephine  1909Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44452
2 Beck, Olive  1964Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I45073
3 Birtwistle, Elizabeth  1894Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I54407
4 Bruhn, Frederick Reginald  1959Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44505
5 Bruhn, Johnson  1962Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44506
6 Burrows, James  Abt 1912Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26713
7 Burzacott, Arthur James  1978Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44515
8 Camp, Julie May  17 Sep 2007Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I140362
9 Chalmers, Charles Alexander  1896Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26700
10 Chalmers, Lily Agnes Bertha  1895Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26718
11 Chalmers, Robert Alexander Shepherd  26 Aug 1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26697
12 Clarke, Caroline  1916Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I56044
13 Connelly, Mary  1957Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I47505
14 Connor, Kathleen Ivy  15 Nov 1980Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I63482
15 Cunneen, Elvira Alice  11 Apr 2000Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44460
16 Cunneen, Ivy Margaret  Nov 1981Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44458
17 Cunneen, John  1913Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44447
18 Cunneen, May Josephine  1989Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44456
19 Cunneen, Patrick James  12 Jul 1942Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44455
20 Cunneen, Patrick Thomas  13 Oct 1909Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44446
21 Dethridge, George  1 May 1877Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I158
22 Dowley, Henry Joseph  31 May 1910Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I30570
23 Eldridge, Martha Elizabeth  1972Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I19820
24 Fulton, Thomas Henry  8 Jan 1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I56023
25 Gibbons, Mary Frances  1976Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I47511
26 Gould, Harold Francis  1964Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44815
27 Hester, Honor Audrey  30 Jul 2002Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I35406
28 Higgins, Peter John  1948Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44876
29 Houghey, Marie Teresa  1973Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44943
30 Jackman, Edith Gerte  1906Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I53900
31 Jackson, Ada Alice  1949Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44904
32 Jackson, Hebert Edmund  1941Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44905
33 Jackson, John Edward Henry  1939Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I44906
34 Kemp, Alice May  1955Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I39291
35 Kemp, Charles Johnson Joseph  29 Mar 2000Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I35405
36 Kemp, Eliza  1917Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I47977
37 Kemp, Ethel May  1942Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1314
38 Kemp, Herbert Elvin  1923Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33360
39 Kemp, Irene Beatrice  1965Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I35979
40 Kemp, John Cyril  1892Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I55721
41 Kemp, Louisa  1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I53569
42 Kemp, Lydia Rosina  1944Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33273
43 Kemp, Mary Kathleen Monica  1896Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I55633
44 Kemp, Percival Leonard Crouch  1953Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I46894
45 Kemp, Rose Florence  1952Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I35864
46 Kemp, Ruby Myrtle  1973Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I36106
47 Kemp, Verna Lorraine  11 Dec 2001Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I140298
48 Kemp, William Ernest  12 Mar 2017Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I374672
49 Kemp, William John  13 Sep 1981Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I45668
50 Kenny, Ernest James  1968Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I47126

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Burrows, James  Abt 1912Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26713
2 Chalmers, Charles Alexander  1896Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26700
3 Chalmers, Lily Agnes Bertha  1895Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26718
4 Chalmers, Robert Alexander Shepherd  28 Aug 1897Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26697
5 Connelly, Michael  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33570
6 Kemp, Joseph Beaumont  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I54539
7 Kemp, Lydia Rosina  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33273
8 McSorely, Lillian May  18 Apr 1949Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I88393
9 Mitchell, William  Abt 1855Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I28035
10 Nicholas, Alma Jane  9 Aug 1906Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26701
11 Sedgley, William Francis Brown Michael  1956Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I105375
12 Shepherd, Ann  1 Jun 1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26719
13 Taylor, Mary Ann  1876Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I26017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Herbert Elvin  1923Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I33360
2 Kemp, Reginald  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I103794


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowles / Gledhill  12 Jul 1911Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F6094
2 Cunneen / Teague  13 Oct 1909Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F13632
3 Johnson / Barty  19 Oct 1921Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F8007
4 Kemp / Knight  22 Jul 1905Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F11843
5 O'Donahoo / Kemp  21 Nov 1883Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F5511
6 Semmens / Bolitho  19 Feb 1896Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F26584