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Brunswick, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -37.593, Longitude: 144.918


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aghan, Alfred George  15 May 1924Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I543037
2 Evans, Edward Ransom  1889Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I30535
3 Ginger, Emily  7 Nov 1884Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I118398
4 Hagart, Edward Bruce  1895Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I33492
5 Kemp, Ella  1895Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I54585
6 Kemp, Elsie May  1889Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I35924
7 Kemp, Ernest William  1885Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I65769
8 Kemp, Frank Leslie  1891Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I45877
9 Kemp, Graham Roy  1895Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I45940
10 Kemp, Hephzibah Victoria  1889Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I56315
11 Kemp, Isabel Mary  1899Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I36257
12 Kemp, John Hubert  1905Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I46586
13 Kemp, Laura Marsden  1912Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I53841
14 Kemp, Leo Sewell  1909Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I53843
15 Kemp, Leslie George  1898Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I46640
16 Kemp, Madge Alice  2 Sep 1922Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I44859
17 Kemp, Marion Gina  1897Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I55656
18 Kemp, Norman Allan  1895Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I56324
19 Kemp, Robert  1868Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I48150
20 Kemp, Thomas William  1865Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I33472
21 Kemp, Unnamed  1914Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I48115
22 Kemp, Unnamed  1914Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I48116
23 Kemp, William  1864Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I66915
24 Murphy, Catherine  Abt 1865Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I1263
25 Murphy, Elizabeth  Abt 1860Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I1260
26 Murphy, Emily  1871Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I1190
27 Murphy, John Timothy  Abt 1861Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I1261
28 Murphy, Margaret  Abt 1867Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I1264
29 Murphy, Mary  Abt 1864Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I1262
30 Murphy, Michael  Abt 1869Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I1265
31 Murphy, Patrick Bernard  Abt 1873Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I1266
32 Tempany, Albert Roy  1898Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I43557
33 Tempany, Alice Rosanna  5 Sep 1876Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I43550
34 Tempany, Charles Walter  27 Jul 1885Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I43553
35 Tempany, Edith May  10 Sep 1881Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I43552
36 Tempany, Henry George  24 Mar 1879Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I43551
37 Westbrook, Charles  1904Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I29032
38 Wren, Myrtle Margaret Elizabeth  1903Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I54352
39 Wren, William Edward Thomas Roberts  1904Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I54353


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Banks, Elizabeth  1905Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I54022
2 Button, John Hewitt  1961Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I49549
3 Button, Rodney  1927Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I42970
4 Dalton, Flora Anne Margaret  1969Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I45847
5 Douglas, Georgina  1904Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I30126
6 Egan, Patrick  29 Apr 1872Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I47034
7 Fysh, Fanny Jane  1943Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I86304
8 Holt, Mabel  1973Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I88396
9 Jenkins, John Francis  1917Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I47983
10 Kemp, Eliza Jane  1897Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I55746
11 Kemp, Florence  1922Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I33344
12 Kemp, Francis George Robert  Mar 1957Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I35418
13 Kemp, John Alfred  1914Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I48196
14 Kemp, Joshua  1902Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I53956
15 Kemp, Joshua Batty  Sep 1929Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I33466
16 Kemp, Leo Sewell  1909Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I53843
17 Kemp, Leslie  Aug 1923Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I33364
18 Kemp, Lizzie  1949Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I33562
19 Kemp, Marion Gina  1897Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I55656
20 Kemp, Sophia Jane  1940Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I33312
21 Kemp, Unnamed  1914Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I48115
22 Kemp, Unnamed  1914Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I48116
23 Kempton, Emily Frances  1897Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I54411
24 Maguire, Frances  Aug 1929Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I30283
25 Maywood, Violet Alma  1968Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I45913
26 McKinnon, Charles  1956Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I47230
27 Meredith, Annie  1917Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I1309
28 Penfold, Myrtle  28 Apr 1974Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I28158
29 Ransom, Charles Frederick  1931Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I30656
30 Ransom, Plazzy Isabella  1982Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I30543
31 Ransom, Walter  1932Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I42173
32 Ransom, William James  1967Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I42316
33 Reid, Charles Biden  1906Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I54084
34 Sewell, Laura  14 Feb 1906Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I53794
35 Stone, Mary Rachael  1879Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I47033
36 Tempany, Edith May  17 Aug 1965Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I43552
37 Tempany, Henry George  26 Mar 1880Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I43551
38 Westbrook, Charles  1904Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I29032
39 Westbrook, Harriet Eleanor  1908Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I20600
40 Westbrook, Marjorie Eleanor  1902Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I29036
41 White, Alice Elenor  1942Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I44654
42 Whiteacre, Edgar Ascot  1967Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I63470
43 Whiteacre, Fredrica Talmoi  1960Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I63469
44 Wjitham, Martha  1861Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I33468


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Button, Rodney  1927Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I42970


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, John Ronald  Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I35417
2 Kemp, Vera  Brunswick, Victoria, Australia I552543