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Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -38.1614, Longitude: 144.386


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bodley, Charlotte Eleanor  Abt 1875Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I54428
2 Clementson, Beryl Doris  1917Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I46922
3 Dethridge, George Leo  11 Dec 1904Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I20059
4 Healy, Maurice Gerald  1913Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I53636
5 Kemp, Beryl Mavis  1915Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I48080
6 Kemp, Thelma May  1917Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I48081
7 Mock, George Edward  1875Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I44428
8 Mock, Louise  1880Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I44434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aldersea, Jane  18 Aug 1930Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I164
2 Cottingham, William Thomas  1927Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I21802
3 Crosbie, Herbert  1976Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I21137
4 Dethridge, Alan Bowden  17 Mar 1971Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I20051
5 Harding, Louisa  1922Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I44524
6 Jenkins, Harold George  1970Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I50443
7 Kemp, Frederick William  1920Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I48142
8 Kemp, George  17 Nov 1939Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I35442
9 Kemp, Iris Kathleen  1983Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I36277
10 Kemp, James  1942Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I35322
11 Kemp, Jane  1924Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I33407
12 Kinnane, Ernest  1971Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I63475
13 McDonough, Edna May  1945Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I44648
14 Morrison, Emma Sophia  26 Jan 1963Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I30160
15 Noon, Margaret  Sep 1918Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I47956
16 Palmby, Olive Ellen  4 Jul 1968Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I20160
17 Parker, William Henry  1920Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I48262
18 Ransom, Amy  1945Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I21723
19 Ransom, Ernest Edward  1953Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I1065
20 Rook, Cecil Clarence Stanley  11 Nov 1939Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I550658
21 Watson, Elizabeth Maude  1950Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I190
22 Welsh, Eleanor  26 Feb 1924Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I31720
23 Wood, Francis  1935Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I119988
24 Youlten, Caroline  1959Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I63496


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Douglas, Louisa Rachel  1952Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I35392
2 Kemp, Edwin Montrose  Aft 2 May 1937Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I28203
3 O'Malley, Mary Aloysius  Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I42221
4 Ransom, Rudy  Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia I42222