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Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.8833333, Longitude: 145.0000000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Badham, Charles Gardiner  1917Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I44288
2 James, Winifred Lillian  1900Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I21854
3 Julian, Ethel May  1896Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I44947
4 Kemp, Archer Guinn  1914Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I48035
5 Kemp, Florence  14 Mar 1913Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I161
6 Kemp, Lorna  1902Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I53713
7 Moxham, William James Leoni  4 Jul 1913Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I39662
8 Watson, John William  1 Jul 1924Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I21780
9 Watson, Nancy Alma  30 May 1931Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I21761
10 Watson, Nellie Gladys  28 Jan 1912Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I21776
11 Watson, Rita  30 Jul 1915Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I21770


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abramowski, Nora Rosalie Gertrude  1951Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I42204
2 Button, Florence Annette  15 Jun 1928Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I87117
3 Cave, Alfredia Mabel  1926Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I44527
4 Fysh, Edward Thomas  1 Sep 1929Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I87012
5 Gray, Janet Rodgers  1930Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I30521
6 Kemp, Henry  22 Jun 1924Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I33368
7 Kemp, Henry  1981Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I31969
8 Kemp, Matilda Catherine  1961Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I39471
9 Kemp, Ronald  Mar 1979Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I46970
10 Pointon, Phyllis Margaret  1980Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I46908
11 Potter, Elizabeth  8 Apr 1905Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I1295
12 Powell, Emily Gerte  1913Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I54065
13 Ransom, Plazzy Bedinfield  1930Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I1073
14 Ransom, Stanley Thomas  1974Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I42284
15 Ransome, Herbert  1947Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I42135
16 Rodger, David  4 Sep 1961Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I39472
17 Sangwell, Jane  30 Jan 1914Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I20750
18 Stroud, Dorothy  1982Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I31673
19 Tempany, William Henry  18 Nov 1914Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I43547
20 Warner, Ernest James  7 Sep 1978Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I30323
21 Welsh, Ivy Catherine Ruth  1982Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I44019
22 Westbrook, Ada Jessie  1955Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I20757
23 Westbrook, Lucy Margaret  19 Aug 1941Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I20753
24 [--?--], Elizabeth Jane  1962Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I45623


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Beatrice Elsie Maud  1936Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I45159
2 Watson, Florence Elizabeth  Abt 1907Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia I14


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kemp / Whelan  4 Apr 1924Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia F10580