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Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.7833333, Longitude: 144.9833333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bayley, Vonda Marie  26 Jul 1904Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I42476
2 Bishop, Percy Norman  1893Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I54416
3 Churchman, Alice Victoria  1891Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I38990
4 Devlin, William Charles  1893Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I44645
5 Kemp, Albert Victor  1893Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I45019
6 Kemp, Edward  1884Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I65429
7 Kemp, Edward Reuben  1884Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I36163
8 Kempton, Casthedine William  Abt 1879Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I54501
9 Leeson, Elsie May  1887Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I20921
10 Leeson, [--?--]  1888Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I20922
11 Oaten, Charles Henry  1866Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I81763
12 Ransom, Ernest Edward  Abt 1877Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I1065
13 Ransom, Robert  Abt 1900Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I42475
14 Robb, Jean Rattray  1885Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I39476
15 Uglow, Agnes  1855Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I33543


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Margaret Anne  1967Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I20351
2 Batchelor, Henrietta  21 Jun 1930Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I42926
3 Bishop, Ethel May Jane  1945Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I31682
4 Bishop, Horace Henry  1949Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I44399
5 Boxshall, Russell  Jul 1958Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I30120
6 Brunning, Mary  1948Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I36314
7 Burgess, Maud  1966Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I46820
8 Calder, Ada Telford  1977Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I31926
9 Cave, Lilian May  1955Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I44891
10 Devereux, Irene Eveline  1973Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I47429
11 Devlin, Frederick Daniel  1973Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I44643
12 Devlin, William Charles  1976Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I44645
13 Dorsey, Margaret  25 Dec 1908Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I33359
14 Featherby, Jane Ann  1956Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I21150
15 Howard, George Robert William  28 Aug 1969Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I44893
16 Jenkins, Lydia Lillian May  6 Jan 1942Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I44407
17 Kemp, Albert Victor  1958Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I45019
18 Kemp, Amelia Victoria  1956Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I35903
19 Kemp, Charlotte Rebecca Beckam  1962Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I35968
20 Kemp, Evelyn Mary  1985Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I36296
21 Kemp, Florence Rebecca Wickham  1936Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I35833
22 Kemp, George Edward  Nov 1938Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I45911
23 Kemp, Hazel  1965Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I35987
24 Kemp, Hugh Lochiel  Jul 1965Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I33432
25 Kemp, Jean  1980Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I36213
26 Kemp, John Hubert  Mar 1950Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I46586
27 Kemp, Lillian May  1962Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I35970
28 Kemp, Mavis Hilary  1941Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I35784
29 Kemp, Paul Frederick  1957Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I46890
30 Kemp, Robert Henry Bateman  10 May 1950Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I45844
31 Kemp, Stanley Robert  Nov 1981Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I47045
32 Kemp, Thomas Field  Jul 1933Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I35378
33 Kemp, Walter Lee  1934Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I35397
34 Kemp, William Samuel  1 Nov 1902Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I1267
35 Kemp, Winifred Joan  1939Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I35449
36 Llewellyn, Rachel Isobel  1943Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I47194
37 Martin, Jean  1979Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I30207
38 Marvel, Alice  1958Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I45040
39 McLaren, Janette  1960Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I47370
40 McLean, Norman John  13 Feb 1912Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I2893
41 Myers, Pretoria Lena Is  1979Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I46912
42 Neilson, Alex  1949Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I47356
43 Oaten, George Ernest  1870Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I81799
44 Oaten, Harriet Margaret  1886Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I81992
45 Ransom, Frederick  1946Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I42154
46 Ransom, James Noel  1965Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I42314
47 Rosel, Nellie Matilda  1975Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I119981
48 Rosman, Edmund  1930Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I47467
49 Rostighan, Ada Lavinia  1961Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I47720
50 Sayers, Leonard Clyde  1972Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia I47501

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Cheyne  1906Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F25371
2 Aldridge / Kemp  17 Aug 1876Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F14413
3 Cane / Anderson  1898Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F15439
4 Dethridge / Pooley  23 Aug 1862Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F24
5 Hill / Roxburgh  1 Aug 1902Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F5921
6 Hood / von Mueller  1 Aug 1887Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F19466
7 Kemp / Brunning  1914Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F10931
8 Kemp / Goulden  7 Nov 1872Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F11982
9 Kemp / Heard  12 Sep 1861Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F10017
10 Kemp / Wah Sing  28 Jan 1918Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F14184
11 Kemp / Watson  5 Oct 1907Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F5
12 Oaten /   1919Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F25374
13 Oaten / Carroll  14 Mar 1885Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F25366
14 Oaten / Cheyne  24 Nov 1909Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F25320
15 Oaten / Roberts  1865Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F25379
16 Welsh / Mead  3 May 1893Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F6084
17 Willis / Hooper  10 Jan 1891Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia F38629