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Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.8333333, Longitude: 145.0333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brook, Frederick Charles Hagar  1905Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I31839
2 Cave, William  1879Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I73512
3 Ekins, Edna  1903Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53581
4 Fysh, Annie Maria  1859Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I87013
5 Fysh, Charles Hardie  1860Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I87014
6 Fysh, Clara Beatrice  1865Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I87016
7 Fysh, Ernest Samuel  1876Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I86659
8 Fysh, Florence Sarah Charlotte  1862Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I87015
9 Higgins, Lindsay George  1883Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I21653
10 Kemp, Alfred Henry  1904Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53669
11 Kemp, Alice Jean  1909Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53825
12 Kemp, Constance Lillion  1888Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I65333
13 Kemp, Edith Grace  1909Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53670
14 Kemp, Edna Rhoda May  1899Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I20086
15 Kemp, Ernest Reginald  1903Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53776
16 Kemp, Frederick Charles  1913Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53796
17 Kemp, Gladys Violet  1885Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I36209
18 Kemp, Gordon Newington Ten  1909Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I31972
19 Kemp, Howard Lory William Poynter  1903Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I31973
20 Kemp, John Harold  1893Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I55730
21 Kemp, Leslie Ernest  1906Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I35495
22 Kemp, Robert Nelson  1882Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I66696
23 Kemp, Ronald Thomas  1916Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I46978
24 Kempf, Alice Ruby  1910Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53972
25 Kempf, Ernest Leslie  1907Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53973
26 Kewish, Mary Kemp  1911Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53975
27 Merrell, John Francis  1910Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I54003
28 Murphy, Bartholomew Francis  Abt 1855Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I1162
29 Parker, Colin Meredith [--?--]stone  1892Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I47395
30 Parker, Marjorie May  1905Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I54045
31 Parker, Robert John Randolf  1890Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I47400
32 Westbrook, Eileen Gladys  1892Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I29053
33 Wright, Albert Edward  1906Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I54356
34 Wright, Doris  1912Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I54357
35 Wright, Elizabeth Janet  1911Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I54358


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Austin, Elizabeth Miller  1937Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I35982
2 Bett, Millie Victoria  1959Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I36222
3 Biggs, John William  1935Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I20243
4 Bowker, Henry  1895Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I33079
5 Butt, Caroline  1921Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I21639
6 Button, Frances Elizabeth  10 Jun 1966Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I44230
7 Cameron, John  7 Dec 1910Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I21230
8 Conder, Florence Emily  4 Jul 1959Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I107270
9 Crutch, Elizabeth  6 Oct 1934Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I35990
10 Dethridge, Charles Edward  1936Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I112
11 Ekins, Edna  1903Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I53581
12 Force, George William  1958Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I36070
13 Fowler, Mary  1959Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I44780
14 Fysh, Hedley Vicars  1867Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I87065
15 Higgins, James  1885Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I21638
16 Higgins, Lindsay George  1884Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I21653
17 Kemp, Alice Elizabeth  1933Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I35840
18 Kemp, Beryl Anne  1970Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I45212
19 Kemp, Charles  1941Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I45298
20 Kemp, Ellen  19 May 1925Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I39036
21 Kemp, Hugh  2 Feb 1967Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I46021
22 Kemp, James  1924Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I33406
23 Kemp, Jane  1920Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I1374
24 Kemp, John  1928Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I33452
25 Kemp, Mary  1927Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I33449
26 Kemp, Mildred Emma  1961Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I46836
27 Kemp, Nellie Harriet  1890Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I55716
28 Kemp, Ronald  1980Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I46973
29 Kemp, Rosetta Ida Hilda  1 Sep 1962Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I35977
30 Kemp, William  1929Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I33475
31 Kemp, William  1943Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I35201
32 Kemplay, James  1898Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I56580
33 Knight, Margaret Ann  1975Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I47739
34 Martin, Charles John  8 Jun 1938Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I21712
35 McDonald, Susan  10 Jun 1877Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I87063
36 McDougall, Alberta Victoria  21 Dec 1974Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I31838
37 McErvale, Catherine  1944Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I629
38 Milligan, Pearce Reginald  Jun 1944Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I30312
39 Milne, Margaret Helen  1904Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I54007
40 Murphy, Henry Cyril  17 Feb 1962Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I30775
41 O'Connell, Walter John Stanley  1921Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I47388
42 Parsons, Jane Elizabeth  1950Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I19845
43 Phillips, Norman Reginald  Jun 1956Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I30093
44 Prince, Diana  1898Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I32773
45 Ransom, Annie Lauretta  1961Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I1061
46 Ross, Elizabeth  1919Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I1292
47 Westbrook, Constance  1965Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I28983
48 Westbrook, Francis Edmund  1976Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I28856
49 Wright, Elizabeth Janet  1912Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I54358
50 Youlten, John Clifford  14 Feb 1965Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I63498

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Welsh, Doris Puberta  Abt 1935Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia I8


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Penney / Auton  26 Jul 1941Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia F26432