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Illinois, United States


Latitude: 41.8756, Longitude: -87.6244


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Flora Lavina  Abt 1848Illinois, United States I493157
2 Beger, Dorothy Irene  Abt 1901Illinois, United States I120136
3 Benedict, Alina G  Abt 1902Illinois, United States I71849
4 Benedict, Olivia B  Dec 1898Illinois, United States I71848
5 Brown, William  1863Illinois, United States I351794
6 Elrick, Susan  Dec 1867Illinois, United States I493216
7 Falls, Marion Zola  3 Jul 1900Illinois, United States I127374
8 Furey, James Henry  1 Aug 1857Illinois, United States I120098
9 Hall, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  3 Apr 1874Illinois, United States I124431
10 Hobart, Benjamin  Abt 1853Illinois, United States I96021
11 Hobart, Charles  Abt 1859Illinois, United States I96022
12 Hobart, John C.  Abt 1850Illinois, United States I96020
13 Hobart, John S.  Abt 1846Illinois, United States I96024
14 Hobart, Mary E.  Abt 1840Illinois, United States I96016
15 Hobart, Matilda E.  Abt 1848Illinois, United States I96019
16 Hobart, Nancy E.  Abt 1846Illinois, United States I96018
17 Hobart, Sarah F.  Abt 1843Illinois, United States I96017
18 Hobart, Sarah M.  Abt 1849Illinois, United States I96026
19 Hobart, Virginia A.  Abt 1848Illinois, United States I96025
20 Hooper, Ella F.  Nov 1861Illinois, United States I493296
21 Kemp, Albert  1856Illinois, United States I98953
22 Kemp, Albert Robert  1858Illinois, United States I99027
23 Kemp, Alice  1860Illinois, United States I99048
24 Kemp, Alvia S  Dec 1880Illinois, United States I134238
25 Kemp, Amanda M.  Abt 1846Illinois, United States I94554
26 Kemp, Anna Belle  Aug 1886Illinois, United States I371192
27 Kemp, Annie Elizabeth  18 Jul 1857Illinois, United States I98965
28 Kemp, Arthur J  Jun 1899Illinois, United States I101063
29 Kemp, Burrill  1835Illinois, United States I99053
30 Kemp, Caroline B.  Abt 1855Illinois, United States I95830
31 Kemp, Charles M.  Abt 1852Illinois, United States I95626
32 Kemp, Cynthia  Abt 1849Illinois, United States I94555
33 Kemp, Daniel  1858Illinois, United States I98954
34 Kemp, Delia  Abt 1853Illinois, United States I95827
35 Kemp, Dora R.  1877Illinois, United States I552518
36 Kemp, Edward  1875Illinois, United States I99019
37 Kemp, Edwin  Abt 1844Illinois, United States I94556
38 Kemp, Elizabeth  Abt 1894Illinois, United States I107416
39 Kemp, Elizabeth May  15 Jan 1880Illinois, United States I99025
40 Kemp, Ella  1857Illinois, United States I99047
41 Kemp, Ella Mae  Abt 1919Illinois, United States I371199
42 Kemp, Ellen  1855Illinois, United States I99026
43 Kemp, Ellen M.  Abt 1851Illinois, United States I95829
44 Kemp, Emily Almira  24 Dec 1857Illinois, United States I99039
45 Kemp, Eveline  1849Illinois, United States I99055
46 Kemp, Everett Clinton  10 May 1906Illinois, United States I555829
47 Kemp, George H.  Aug 1887Illinois, United States I552521
48 Kemp, Hannah Ann  1847Illinois, United States I84900
49 Kemp, Harriet P.  Abt 1842Illinois, United States I94553
50 Kemp, Henrietta  1857Illinois, United States I98961

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Coll, John  Illinois, United States I24032
2 Dow, Roxanna  1905Illinois, United States I124426
3 Kemp, Elizabeth  Illinois, United States I95970
4 Kemp, William MSgt.  27 Jun 1986Illinois, United States I553008
5 Kemp, Willie  1881Illinois, United States I99014
6 Kneaves, Frederick  Illinois, United States I523124
7 Shere, Maria "Louisa"  1874Illinois, United States I124425
8 Welsh, Thomas  1878Illinois, United States I20141
9 Yeager, Linnie R.  (Btw Est 1918 and 1984)Illinois, United States I521539


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Flora Lavina  1849Illinois, United States I493157
2 Beger, Dorothy Irene  1903Illinois, United States I120136
3 Elrick, Susan  Abt 1868Illinois, United States I493216
4 Hooper, Ella F.  Illinois, United States I493296
5 Hooper, Ella F.  Illinois, United States I493296
6 Kemp, Francis  Illinois, United States I493182
7 Nelson, Muriel Joyce  1925Illinois, United States I541333
8 Tucker, Sylvia  Illinois, United States I493318


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Graham Elmore  1951Illinois, United States I127614


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coll / [--?--]  Illinois, United States F6949
2 Kemp / Lewis  1896Illinois, United States F38248
3 Kemp / Pyszka  1909Illinois, United States F38249