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Kew, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -36.354, Longitude: 145.374


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Britt, John Matthew  1899Kew, Victoria, Australia I54434
2 Britt, Michael  Kew, Victoria, Australia I54433
3 Cornish, Ruby Freda  21 Sep 1885Kew, Victoria, Australia I71450
4 Dyson, Winifred Nell  25 Jul 1911Kew, Victoria, Australia I64
5 Kemp, Amelia Gladys  1899Kew, Victoria, Australia I39541
6 Kemp, Bertram Roy  1904Kew, Victoria, Australia I39544
7 Kemp, Catherine Eveline  1894Kew, Victoria, Australia I45250
8 Kemp, Elsa May  1893Kew, Victoria, Australia I55735
9 Kemp, Flora Harrison  1901Kew, Victoria, Australia I45850
10 Kemp, Florence Margaret Evelyn  1904Kew, Victoria, Australia I36291
11 Kemp, Frederick Harold Victor  1886Kew, Victoria, Australia I38429
12 Kemp, George William  1897Kew, Victoria, Australia I39542
13 Kemp, Harry Stanley George  1905Kew, Victoria, Australia I45964
14 Kemp, Keith Reginald  1910Kew, Victoria, Australia I39545
15 Kemp, Lilia Amelia  1897Kew, Victoria, Australia I55644
16 Kemp, Margaret Jean  1906Kew, Victoria, Australia I53705
17 Kemp, Marguerite  1901Kew, Victoria, Australia I55645
18 Kemp, Mary Grace  1893Kew, Victoria, Australia I55707
19 Kemp, Norman Errick  1886Kew, Victoria, Australia I38430
20 Loxon, Ethel May  Abt 1872Kew, Victoria, Australia I56572
21 Sharp, Arthur  1870Kew, Victoria, Australia I73224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Leila Florence  1977Kew, Victoria, Australia I44277
2 Batty, Jeanette Mary  7 Jun 1946Kew, Victoria, Australia I46220
3 Bedford, Mary Ann  1976Kew, Victoria, Australia I42113
4 Clarke, Elizabeth  22 Jun 1942Kew, Victoria, Australia I45614
5 Connor, John Joseph  24 Nov 1983Kew, Victoria, Australia I63483
6 Crawford, Eliz  1947Kew, Victoria, Australia I44613
7 Crellin, Geoffrey John  1930Kew, Victoria, Australia I30327
8 Fysh, Ernest Samuel  1942Kew, Victoria, Australia I86659
9 Fysh, Florence Muriel  1944Kew, Victoria, Australia I86653
10 Girvin, Isabella Campbell  1968Kew, Victoria, Australia I46137
11 Green, Florence May  1966Kew, Victoria, Australia I44821
12 Holt, Pearl Beatrice Isabel  1936Kew, Victoria, Australia I42182
13 Impey, Alice Henrietta  1968Kew, Victoria, Australia I44566
14 Kemp, Beatrice Maude  1970Kew, Victoria, Australia I36071
15 Kemp, Charles  1947Kew, Victoria, Australia I45299
16 Kemp, Cyril James  1983Kew, Victoria, Australia I45342
17 Kemp, Donald Murray  1943Kew, Victoria, Australia I33588
18 Kemp, Elsa Elizabeth  1965Kew, Victoria, Australia I35983
19 Kemp, Emma Louisa Maud  May 1962Kew, Victoria, Australia I187
20 Kemp, Ernest Harvey  19 Jul 1909Kew, Victoria, Australia I53704
21 Kemp, Florence Addie  1985Kew, Victoria, Australia I36289
22 Kemp, George  26 Jun 1949Kew, Victoria, Australia I33553
23 Kemp, Henry Hardie  22 Apr 1946Kew, Victoria, Australia I35217
24 Kemp, John  1947Kew, Victoria, Australia I33505
25 Kemp, Keith Reginald  19 Dec 1969Kew, Victoria, Australia I39545
26 Kemp, Kevin Roy  Apr 1982Kew, Victoria, Australia I46616
27 Kemp, Lilia Amelia  1897Kew, Victoria, Australia I55644
28 Kemp, Lucy Mavis  1970Kew, Victoria, Australia I36063
29 Kemp, Stephen Graham  Mar 2006Kew, Victoria, Australia I103967
30 Kemp, Unnamed  1971Kew, Victoria, Australia I47061
31 Le Sueur, Gordon William Fittious  1963Kew, Victoria, Australia I47151
32 Lees, Luke  1926Kew, Victoria, Australia I47149
33 Luke, Thomas  3 Jul 1882Kew, Victoria, Australia I86342
34 Nicholson, Annie Christina  1929Kew, Victoria, Australia I21125
35 North, Emily  15 May 1959Kew, Victoria, Australia I39427
36 Pepper, Sylvia  1981Kew, Victoria, Australia I47048
37 Ransom, Charlotte Agnes  1900Kew, Victoria, Australia I1096
38 Ransom, Clarence Theodore  1942Kew, Victoria, Australia I1058
39 Reed, Mary  1943Kew, Victoria, Australia I86312
40 Rose, William McIntosh  11 Apr 2001Kew, Victoria, Australia I26511
41 Roselli, Eric Albert  1983Kew, Victoria, Australia I54072
42 Smith, Adelaide Margaret Hargrave  1954Kew, Victoria, Australia I35497
43 Smith, Phillip Harold  Jul 1969Kew, Victoria, Australia I30345
44 Stebbins, Everlyn Maud  1969Kew, Victoria, Australia I42325
45 Strudwick, James  1902Kew, Victoria, Australia I63416
46 Stubbs, Lillian May  May 1983Kew, Victoria, Australia I30087
47 Warner, Charlotte  Aug 1981Kew, Victoria, Australia I30319
48 Wells, Edward Layton  1972Kew, Victoria, Australia I47692
49 Westbrook, Ada Ann  1970Kew, Victoria, Australia I28989
50 Wheaton, Peter John  26 Jan 2008Kew, Victoria, Australia I56058

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Catherine Eveline  Aft 5 Oct 1970Kew, Victoria, Australia I45250
2 Kemp, Ernest Harvey  Aft 19 Jul 1909Kew, Victoria, Australia I53704
3 Kemp, Flora Harrison  Aft 23 Aug 1981Kew, Victoria, Australia I45850
4 Kemp, Henry Hardie  Aft 22 Apr 1946Kew, Victoria, Australia I35217
5 Kemp, Janet Holden  1 Apr 1909Kew, Victoria, Australia I48006
6 Kemp, Mary Grace  Aft 16 Oct 1990Kew, Victoria, Australia I55707
7 Kemp, Robert Henry Rutzou  Aft 4 Feb 1911Kew, Victoria, Australia I48004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Willis, Harold Francis  1979Kew, Victoria, Australia I119990


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Betty Ayrton  Kew, Victoria, Australia I101033
2 Kemp, Keith Reginald  Kew, Victoria, Australia I39545
3 Leech, Mabel Frances  Kew, Victoria, Australia I45899


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kemp / Ralph  23 Apr 1897Kew, Victoria, Australia F17558
2 Nicholson / Oaten  17 Feb 1935Kew, Victoria, Australia F25309