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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.8166667, Longitude: 144.9666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Austin, Elizabeth Miller  1857Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I35982
2 Banks, Ada Annie Jane  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I82709
3 Bentley, Horace  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I30863
4 Bonfield, Ellen Constance  Abt 1857Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1049
5 Bourke, Michael  23 Jun 1847Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I81746
6 Brighton, Rowland  21 Apr 1915Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I30860
7 Carter, Stanley William  1894Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I40438
8 Cooke, Harry Gordon  14 Oct 1890Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I119943
9 Cooke, William Digory George  6 Jan 1864Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I119945
10 Corkdale, Catherine Elsie  1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I54464
11 Crutch, Elizabeth  1857Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I35990
12 Dethridge, John Stewart  6 Jun 1865Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I20048
13 Duck, Cleveland Gordon Kenneth  5 Sep 1906Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26442
14 Duck, Gilbert  1880Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I27326
15 Edmunds, Walter George  14 Jun 1931Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I88300
16 Farquhar, James Dickson  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I53612
17 Felgate, Ethel Maud  16 Mar 1883Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I60
18 Ferguson, Rosemary Anne  7 Oct 1955Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I118370
19 Fitzsimons, Catherine  1847Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I20329
20 Fookes, Charles Henry Albert  7 Jun 1874Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I88498
21 Gavin, Marion Amelia  Abt 1871Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47996
22 Haldane, Clara Mary  13 Nov 1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47284
23 Hartigan, Norah Kathleen  8 Sep 1903Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I19847
24 Hodgkinson, Ruby Maude  Abt 1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I118423
25 Holt, Dorothy May  30 Jan 1929Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45665
26 Hughes, Conor Brooks  11 Aug 1978Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39246
27 Humphries, Alice  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I27325
28 Kemp, Alfred Ernest  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45026
29 Kemp, Alice  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I63788
30 Kemp, Annie Grace  1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I65069
31 Kemp, Annie Grace  Abt 1880Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I53622
32 Kemp, Archibald  18 Oct 1925Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47283
33 Kemp, Arthur John  1883Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45147
34 Kemp, Charles Augustus  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I35413
35 Kemp, Charles Augustus  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45267
36 Kemp, Charles Harry  1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I65249
37 Kemp, Charlotte Blanche  1867Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I65281
38 Kemp, Edward  1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I46534
39 Kemp, Elizabeth Ann  19 Oct 1846Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I607
40 Kemp, Emma  4 Aug 1851Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I610
41 Kemp, Ernest  1878Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33573
42 Kemp, Florence Eliza  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36021
43 Kemp, Florence Rebecca Wickham  1882Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I35833
44 Kemp, Frank  1865Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1387
45 Kemp, George  4 Jul 1849Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I609
46 Kemp, George  1854Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33210
47 Kemp, George Percy  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45919
48 Kemp, George Richard G T  1869Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I65942
49 Kemp, Grace Alice  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36017
50 Kemp, Henry Simpson  1856Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I66015

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Edward  1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I65424
2 Kemp, Elizabeth Ann  1846Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I607
3 Kemp, Emma  1851Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I610
4 Kemp, George  1849Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I609
5 Kemp, Henry  1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I66012
6 Kemp, James  1848Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I608
7 Kemp, John  1845Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I66280
8 Kemp, John Henry  1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1372
9 Kemp, Josiah  1853Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I612
10 Kemp, Mary Anne  1844Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I66533
11 Kemp, Robert William  1853Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I611
12 Riley, William Richard  11 Dec 1842Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I43517


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Eric Thomas  1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44274
2 Abbott, Una Alice  Abt 1999Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I53354
3 Aboud, Michael  Abt 1995Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26036
4 Anderson, Beryl  1998Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26995
5 Annear, Priscilla Susann  1967Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44844
6 Appleford, Noel Leslie  1962Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44285
7 Armstrong, Plazzy Florence Ann  23 Aug 1966Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I30533
8 Bailey, James Harcourt  1947Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44292
9 Barber, Mary Isobel  1936Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44811
10 Barbour, Edith Annie May  1961Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44489
11 Baum, Nellie Vera  1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44775
12 Bell, Ronald Hanson  1966Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44331
13 Bishop, Charles Harold Henry  1943Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I31679
14 Blake, Sydney Augustus  12 Apr 1970Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26403
15 Booth, Elizabeth Helen  30 Oct 1928Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I79495
16 Bowker, Albert John Edward  1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I32768
17 Breasley, Faye Lynette  1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39256
18 Briggs, Arthur Alfred  1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44493
19 Brown, Alfred Ernest Edward  6 Nov 1936Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I53522
20 Brown, Charles Alfred  Abt 1950Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26964
21 Brown, Malvina  1973Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26476
22 Brown, Margaret Ann  9 Aug 1995Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26617
23 Brown, [--?--]  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I88341
24 Buchanan, Daphne  5 Aug 1975Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28186
25 Burtt, Eveline Lorraine Pearl  26 Jan 2003Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I41796
26 Butler, Leonard  25 Nov 1978Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21178
27 Callow, Thelma  1990Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26082
28 Chalmers, Hector William Angus  29 Nov 1934Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26730
29 Chalmers, Robert Alexander Bernard  1993Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26042
30 Cheyne, Robert  1 Mar 1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I81753
31 Cochrane, Robert  1935Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I86969
32 Coe, William Wells  1916Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39066
33 Colton, Mavis Jean Mary  17 Nov 2001Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44960
34 Cornish, Henry Charles  1937Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I71428
35 Crewes, Annie Josephine Gerte  1961Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45121
36 Cummins, Elizabeth  1906/7Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I56013
37 Davenport-Jones, Annesley Charles  1982Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39170
38 Davenport-Jones, Annesley Cunliffe  1971Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I35890
39 Dethridge, George James  1939Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I20047
40 Doherty, Joyce  1976Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44539
41 Dowley, Edna Plazzy Florence  1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I30573
42 Dowley, Joseph Albert  17 Sep 1869Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I41804
43 Dunn, Doris Therese  1975Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45361
44 Earl, Alfred John  29 Dec 1934Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I56497
45 Edmunds, Alice Chrissie Mary  14 Jan 1922Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I88397
46 Edmunds, Charles  1955Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I88395
47 Edmunds, Frederick Percy  1956Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I88400
48 Edmunds, Walter George  1937Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I86712
49 Edmunds, Walter George  Mar 1991Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I88300
50 Edmunds, Walter Sydney Charles  1936Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I88388

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Aboud, Michael  Abt 1995Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26036
2 Anderson, Beryl  1998Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26995
3 Beringer, John Kitchener  Abt 1986Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I27315
4 Blake, Sydney Augustus  14 Apr 1970Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26403
5 Brown, Charles Alfred  Abt 1950Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26964
6 Brown, Malvina  1973Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26476
7 Brown, Margaret Ann  11 Aug 1995Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26617
8 Brown, Norman Leslie  Abt 1980Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26962
9 Buchanan, Daphne  7 Aug 1975Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28186
10 Caw, Elizabeth Ann  7 May 1919Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36077
11 Chalmers, Alice Agnes  1955Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I27067
12 Chalmers, Robert Alexander Bernard  1993Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26042
13 Crisp, Frederick  1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26334
14 Edelsten, Frederick  Oct 1936Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26903
15 Edelsten, Valma  1919Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26365
16 Fleming, Kenneth  1989Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26570
17 Hancock, Vivian Royce  Jan 1987Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25755
18 Howard, Alfred  1 Sep 1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33318
19 Howard, Annetta Maud Caroline  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47455
20 James, Nance Margery  Abt 1980Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I27220
21 Johnson, Albert Arthur  27 Jan 1955Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26527
22 Johnson, Walter  28 Jan 1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25917
23 Kemp, Elizabeth Emma  17 Dec 1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I43385
24 Kemp, James Claud Grant  23 Jun 1970Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I38368
25 Moore, James William  1974Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I27009
26 Morey, George  1845Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2103
27 Penfold, Myrtle  1 May 1974Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I28158
28 Robertson, William Alexander  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47456
29 Robinson, Mary Ellen  Abt 1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26496
30 Stow, Dora May  22 Jul 1987Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21392
31 Swindles, Mary  1989Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I27037
32 Taylor, Alma Robina  5 Sep 1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26026
33 Taylor, Elizabeth  1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26015
34 Taylor, Ethel May  Jul 1963Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26021
35 Taylor, John Edwin  Abt 1919Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I27038
36 Taylor, Stanley  Jun 1969Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26025
37 Taylor, Victoria Isobel  1945Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26023
38 Tierney, Alfred William  Bef 1999Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26728
39 Timmins, Alan  1987Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26446
40 Vance, Charles  Abt 1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26323
41 Warren, Elizabeth May  28 May 1973Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26033
42 Warren, John Stanley  28 Jan 1997Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26488
43 Warren, Richard  Abt 1970Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26032
44 Watt, John  1964Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26698
45 Watt, Raymond  1993Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I26029
46 Yandell, George Henry  21 Jun 1896Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I43571


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bourke, Michael  12 Jul 1847Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I81746
2 Lyons, Margaret  24 Jul 1840Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I202
3 Stone, Mary Rachael  1849Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Robert Watson  19 Jul 1996Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I9


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Booker, Annie Maria  Jul 1881Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I795
2 Dethridge, Romulus  Jul 1881Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I108


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Horsman, James Thomas  1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36250
2 Jamieson, John  23 Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44557
3 Kemp, Absalom  Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I53912
4 Kemp, Annie Allured  1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36249
5 Kemp, Francis Alfred  16 Feb 1855Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33578
6 Kemp, George William  1912Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45229
7 Kemp, John  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I59974
8 Kemp, Rebecca Lydia  Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44394
9 Kemp, Selina  Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44650
10 Kent, Isabella  Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I53913
11 Penney, John Kemp  1848Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I84589
12 Phoenix, Catherine  1853Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1497
13 Pooley, Mary  7 Dec 1861Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I109
14 Sharod, Hephzibah  20 Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I215
15 Strudwick, Joseph  Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44395
16 Watson, Thomas  20 Dec 1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I214
17 Whiteacre, James  9 Mar 1849Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44651


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Angus Fletcher  24 Aug 1915Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I49735
2 Kemp, Robert George  1915Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I13


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bourke, Patrick  Apr 1856Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I81829
2 Carroll, Peter  1860Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I81809
3 Kemp, Herbert William  1937Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45997
4 Kemp, Robert  1851Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I197
5 Kemp, Robert  Between 1869 and 1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I197
6 Willis, Harold Francis  1919Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I119990
7 Wood, Francis  1891Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I119988


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Murphy, Catherine  1848Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1221
2 Murphy, John Thomas  1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1222
3 Murphy, Peter  1846Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I1220


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Camp, John Henry  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I140357
2 Harris, Josiah Lorenzo Theodore  5 Dec 1853Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I19932
3 Kemp, John Harvey  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I102909
4 Kemp, Joyce Minter  Bef 1986Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I103005
5 Kemp, Phoebe  1873Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I19879
6 Kemp, Rosie Catherine  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I140277
7 Morey, Samuel  1840Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I2098
8 Whiteacre, Selina  1907Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I63412
9 [--?--], Nita Beatrice  Bef 1990Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I103677


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Oaten  1855Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F25411
2 Ashley / Kemp  1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F25051
3 Barty / McRae  1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8022
4 Burtt / Dowley  16 Dec 1961Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9029
5 Butters / Robertson  23 May 1936Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F38012
6 Carroll / Dolan  19 Aug 1862Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F25408
7 Carse / Johnson  May 1933Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8299
8 Churchus / Westbrook  1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F5773
9 Coe / Kemp  1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F11874
10 Connor / Duffy  1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F19507
11 Connor / Whiteacre  20 Mar 1907Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F19470
12 Cooke / Willis  18 Jun 1889Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F38620
13 Davenport-Jones / Kemp  1907Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F10715
14 Dethridge / Thomas  25 Oct 1940Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F5578
15 Doyle / Connor  1933Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F19506
16 Edmunds / Hore  13 Feb 1923Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F27699
17 Edmunds / TEGGERTH  1912Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F27741
18 Elder / Speight  1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F11899
19 Faviell / Bonfield  3 Jan 1880Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F17068
20 Fooks / Milliner  CA 1870Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F27769
21 Frederick / Bishop  1938Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F79438
22 Fysh / Luke  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F27117
23 Glenn / Speight  1931Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F11900
24 Gott / Morey  16 Mar 1858Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F524
25 Hamilton / Johnson  1949Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F7370
26 Hampton / Davidson  25 Mar 1927Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8964
27 Herrmann / Martin  17 Oct 1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8855
28 Higgins / Dethridge  1888Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F5557
29 Ingram / Barty  Abt 1960Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8020
30 Irwin / Denton  Abt 1920Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8280
31 Jamieson /   11 Jun 1949Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F24979
32 Jenkins / Edmunds  11 Sep 1915Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F27740
33 Kemp / Anderson  1906Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F16777
34 Kemp / Badrock  26 Apr 1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F16698
35 Kemp / Brewer  13 Jan 1846Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F43
36 Kemp / Bush  1885Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8864
37 Kemp / Dennard  1855Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F151
38 Kemp / Haldane  29 Jun 1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F14730
39 Kemp / Jones  24 Jul 1849Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9899
40 Kemp / Kemp  1888Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F20462
41 Kemp / McCarroll  1843Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F20235
42 Kemp / von Mueller  2 Jul 1909Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F16793
43 McErvale / Aird  4 May 1946Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F5928
44 McLean / Morey  18 Dec 1860Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F527
45 McLean / Wright  27 Mar 1898Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F543
46 Mitchell / Kemp  2 Apr 1929Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F10039
47 Morphett / Tempany  10 Jan 1910Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F38098
48 Mumford / Crilly  25 Mar 1850Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F10100
49 Murphy / Cusick  Abt 1859Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F135
50 Murphy / Dolan  Abt 1859Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F145

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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Dethridge / Pooley  Sep 1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F24