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New South Wales, Australia


Latitude: -33.7637, Longitude: 150.924


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ashton, Edward F.  1840New South Wales, Australia I50665
2 Ashton, Emily Sarah Jane  1870New South Wales, Australia I50681
3 Ashton, Gertrude  1875New South Wales, Australia I50669
4 Ashton, Harriet Linda  1879New South Wales, Australia I50684
5 Ashton, Joseph F.  1877New South Wales, Australia I50683
6 Ashton, Sarah Page  1882New South Wales, Australia I50685
7 Ashton, Susannah Louisa  1874New South Wales, Australia I50682
8 Ashton, William Thomas  1882New South Wales, Australia I50674
9 Bailey, Annie  1888New South Wales, Australia I51267
10 Bailey, Blanche  1891New South Wales, Australia I51268
11 Bailey, Jessie  1892New South Wales, Australia I51269
12 Bailey, Mary  1886New South Wales, Australia I51265
13 Bailey, William H.  1894New South Wales, Australia I51270
14 Barlow, Elizabeth Ann  1882New South Wales, Australia I51042
15 Beasley, Blanche Adeline Pearl  1896New South Wales, Australia I51797
16 Beetson, Allen Edward Charles  14 Feb 1948New South Wales, Australia I52218
17 Beetson, Milton Alfred  21 Feb 1945New South Wales, Australia I52156
18 Beisler, Victoria Grace  11 Oct 1906New South Wales, Australia I52313
19 Biddle, Edwin Ernest  1880New South Wales, Australia I50843
20 Biddle, Mary  1876New South Wales, Australia I50841
21 Biddle, Percy R.  1884New South Wales, Australia I50845
22 Biddle, Walter  1881New South Wales, Australia I50844
23 Blakey, Bruce  Abt 1915New South Wales, Australia I36572
24 Bowker, Bertie  1886New South Wales, Australia I32823
25 Bowker, Elizabeth  1875New South Wales, Australia I32809
26 Bowker, Emma  1878New South Wales, Australia I32810
27 Bowker, Frank  1887New South Wales, Australia I32824
28 Bowker, Frederick  1864New South Wales, Australia I32805
29 Bowker, Henry Gianini  1882New South Wales, Australia I32821
30 Bowker, James  1872New South Wales, Australia I32808
31 Bowker, John Cyril  1884New South Wales, Australia I32822
32 Bowker, Mary Ellen  7 Mar 1862New South Wales, Australia I32804
33 Bowker, Samuel Charles  1881New South Wales, Australia I32811
34 Bowker, Sarah  1869New South Wales, Australia I32807
35 Bowker, Thomas John  1860New South Wales, Australia I32812
36 Bowker, William H  1866New South Wales, Australia I32806
37 Brydon, Lila May  1903New South Wales, Australia I52667
38 Brydon, Walter Ernest  1901New South Wales, Australia I52666
39 Cameron, Ina Marie Narelle  13 Nov 1908New South Wales, Australia I51696
40 Cameron, Ivan Raymond  28 Jan 1913New South Wales, Australia I51704
41 Cameron, John A.  1907New South Wales, Australia I51695
42 Cannon, Maude Lydia  9 Apr 1915New South Wales, Australia I363725
43 Clifford, Alma Aileen  22 Aug 1886New South Wales, Australia I50628
44 Clifford, Charles  20 Nov 1834New South Wales, Australia I46032
45 Clifford, Ethelinda  4 Mar 1841New South Wales, Australia I50492
46 Clifford, Francis  13 Oct 1852New South Wales, Australia I50616
47 Clifford, Frank  Abt 1896New South Wales, Australia I50614
48 Clifford, Harry Vale  22 Jul 1884New South Wales, Australia I50626
49 Clifford, Henry A.L.  9 Dec 1857New South Wales, Australia I50624
50 Clifford, Henry Joseph  1885New South Wales, Australia I50598

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Adelaide  1855New South Wales, Australia I63686
2 Kemp, Agnes  1849New South Wales, Australia I63695
3 Kemp, Charles  15 Nov 1813New South Wales, Australia I21008
4 Kemp, Charlotte  1849New South Wales, Australia I65275
5 Kemp, Elizabeth  1847New South Wales, Australia I65636
6 Kemp, Maria  10 Jul 1812New South Wales, Australia I21007
7 Kemp, Peter  1853New South Wales, Australia I63709
8 Liddle, Mary A  28 Apr 1849New South Wales, Australia I28143


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anning, Henry Rix  1976New South Wales, Australia I51715
2 Ashton, Emily Sarah Jane  1941New South Wales, Australia I50681
3 Ashton, Florence Kate  1956New South Wales, Australia I50672
4 Ashton, George Francis  1947New South Wales, Australia I50676
5 Ashton, Gertrude  1877New South Wales, Australia I50669
6 Ashton, Gertrude May  1924New South Wales, Australia I50678
7 Ashton, Harriett Matilda  1909New South Wales, Australia I50693
8 Ashton, John Stephenson  1923New South Wales, Australia I50679
9 Ashton, Joseph Frederick  1912New South Wales, Australia I50691
10 Ashton, Sarah Page  1959New South Wales, Australia I50685
11 Ashton, Thomas Joseph  1838New South Wales, Australia I50636
12 Ashton, Thomas William  1932New South Wales, Australia I46054
13 Barden, Robert John  23 Feb 1938New South Wales, Australia I51701
14 Barden, Ross Mervyn  8 Nov 1986New South Wales, Australia I51697
15 Bartlett, Beryl May  17 Oct 1995New South Wales, Australia I101023
16 Beetson, Allen Edward Charles  24 Feb 1948New South Wales, Australia I52218
17 Beetson, Andrew Alfred  21 Sep 1956New South Wales, Australia I52206
18 Beetson, Garrick Melville  12 Jan 2001New South Wales, Australia I52220
19 Beetson, John Alfred  22 Jun 1979New South Wales, Australia I52153
20 Beetson, Milton Alfred  15 Jan 1946New South Wales, Australia I52156
21 Beynon, May Myfanwy  30 Sep 1982New South Wales, Australia I97303
22 Biddle, Edwin Ernest  1896New South Wales, Australia I50843
23 Blake, Hilda May  5 Jan 1989New South Wales, Australia I51694
24 Bouquet, Eva May  21 Dec 1988New South Wales, Australia I51171
25 Bowker, Thomas John  1887New South Wales, Australia I32812
26 Brett, Priscilla  1885New South Wales, Australia I64001
27 Brydon, Frederick James  10 Sep 1984New South Wales, Australia I52661
28 Brydon, Lila May  1924New South Wales, Australia I52667
29 Brydon, Walter Ernest  22 Apr 1971New South Wales, Australia I52666
30 Brydon, William Leslie  14 Oct 1974New South Wales, Australia I52659
31 Buckton, Ruby Susannah  1966New South Wales, Australia I51054
32 Butler, Florence Mabel Alice  8 Jun 1977New South Wales, Australia I52528
33 Cameron, Dulcie Elizabeth Ethel  8 May 1997New South Wales, Australia I51691
34 Cameron, Ivan Raymond  1 Sep 1970New South Wales, Australia I51704
35 Camp, Alexandrina May  6 Oct 2000New South Wales, Australia I140062
36 Camp, Alfred John  12 Jun 2009New South Wales, Australia I140061
37 Camp, Ann  11 Aug 1970New South Wales, Australia I140308
38 Camp, Arthur Roy  11 Jul 1968New South Wales, Australia I140117
39 Camp, Catherine (Ann)  16 Apr 2004New South Wales, Australia I140307
40 Camp, Charles William  16 Jul 1968New South Wales, Australia I140310
41 Camp, Colin Herbert  7 Nov 1978New South Wales, Australia I140311
42 Camp, Colin James  5 Jan 2007New South Wales, Australia I140065
43 Camp, Doreen Sylvia  22 Jul 2005New South Wales, Australia I140317
44 Camp, Edward Charles  27 Jul 2005New South Wales, Australia I140322
45 Camp, Elizabeth  26 Jul 1966New South Wales, Australia I140324
46 Camp, Ernest Arthur  31 Aug 1975New South Wales, Australia I140328
47 Camp, Ernest Raymond  9 Mar 1961New South Wales, Australia I140329
48 Camp, Esther  8 May 2006New South Wales, Australia I140330
49 Camp, Ethel Louise  6 Oct 1969New South Wales, Australia I140332
50 Camp, Frank  5 May 1975New South Wales, Australia I140334

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anthes, Ruby Lillian Florence  Aft 15 May 1959New South Wales, Australia I50542
2 Blake, Jane  New South Wales, Australia I20469
3 Brennan, Gladys Lillian  New South Wales, Australia I551786
4 Hagan, Ann  1882New South Wales, Australia I38951
5 Healey, Frank  New South Wales, Australia I13987
6 Kemp, Alice Caroline  Aft 29 Jun 1957New South Wales, Australia I47877
7 Kemp, Peter  16 Dec 1898New South Wales, Australia I43441
8 Kemp, Sydney Roy  New South Wales, Australia I103980
9 Rimoldi, Rita May  New South Wales, Australia I551791
10 Sly, Margaret  31 May 1853New South Wales, Australia I51007
11 Wahlstrom, Albert Edward  Aft 8 Aug 1948New South Wales, Australia I46047
12 Wahlstrom, Phyllis Lillian  18 Nov 1995New South Wales, Australia I50556
13 White, Alfred  New South Wales, Australia I13397


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Charles James  1920New South Wales, Australia I363723


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Ashton, Edward F.  1840New South Wales, Australia I50665
2 Ashton, Frances  1836New South Wales, Australia I50635


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kemp, John William  1859New South Wales, Australia I66331
2 Kemp, Joseph  5 Nov 1868New South Wales, Australia I66374
3 Kemp, Peggy Strathfieldsay  1839New South Wales, Australia I66615
4 Russell, Maria Day  18 Jan 1878New South Wales, Australia I112612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Westbrook, Ann  1828New South Wales, Australia I20941
2 Westbrook, Emily  1828New South Wales, Australia I20946
3 Westbrook, Louisa  1828New South Wales, Australia I20938
4 Westbrook, William  1828New South Wales, Australia I20940


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Aubrey Arthur  15 Apr 1981New South Wales, Australia I100989
2 Kemp, Barry John  6 Jul 1981New South Wales, Australia I101000
3 Kemp, David Gilbert  4 Nov 1947New South Wales, Australia I540312
4 Kemp, Douglas Raymond  23 Aug 1995New South Wales, Australia I540319
5 Kemp, Elizabeth Gertrude Allison  27 May 1980New South Wales, Australia I101418
6 Kemp, George Lawson  11 May 1992New South Wales, Australia I102527
7 Kemp, Harry Willard  14 Jan 1981New South Wales, Australia I102604
8 Kemp, Robert  22 Jul 1981New South Wales, Australia I374009
9 Kempe, Bernard Stacey  25 Dec 1940New South Wales, Australia I142481
10 [--?--], Elsie Elizabeth  26 May 1981New South Wales, Australia I101452


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Matilda  1866New South Wales, Australia I111157
2 Magick, Eliza Maud  11 Jul 1967New South Wales, Australia I51558
3 Phipps, Elizabeth  8 Aug 1869New South Wales, Australia I20937


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Hambly, William Herbert  New South Wales, Australia I30484


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Charles  26 May 1839New South Wales, Australia I109779
2 Kemp, Ruth  26 May 1839New South Wales, Australia I109748
3 Magick, Donald Ray  29 Oct 1945New South Wales, Australia I45654
4 Thomas, Samuel  15 Jan 1849New South Wales, Australia I551243


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Magick, Clarence Victor  8 Jun 1916New South Wales, Australia I52013
2 Magick, Donald Ray  20 Mar 1941New South Wales, Australia I45654


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Wahlstrom, John Peter  28 Feb 1888New South Wales, Australia I46038


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Hortle, James  New South Wales, Australia I25567
2 Page, John  1886New South Wales, Australia I56530


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Brydon, Walter Ernest  11 Jun 1971New South Wales, Australia I52666
2 Kemp, Edith Ann  29 Nov 1958New South Wales, Australia I374395


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Elizabeth  1848New South Wales, Australia I65639
2 Kemp, Joshua  1842New South Wales, Australia I551776
3 Kemp, Peggy Strathfieldsay  New South Wales, Australia I66615
4 Kemp, Robert  1860New South Wales, Australia I35379
5 Mercer, Janet  1860New South Wales, Australia I35380
6 Thorncroft, Hannah  1841New South Wales, Australia I65899


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allan / Sly  9 Feb 1873New South Wales, Australia F16026
2 Anning / Furney  26 Jun 1931New South Wales, Australia F16174
3 Ashton / Peasely  1872New South Wales, Australia F15887
4 Barden / Cameron  1932New South Wales, Australia F16167
5 Barrington / Kemp  1888New South Wales, Australia F24962
6 Beetson / Falk  1913New South Wales, Australia F16299
7 Beetson / Macenallay  1937New South Wales, Australia F16301
8 Beetson / Magick  Abt 1885New South Wales, Australia F16275
9 Beetson / Manton  18 Aug 1947New South Wales, Australia F16304
10 Byrne / Kemp  1863New South Wales, Australia F24964
11 Calderbank / Kemp  1864New South Wales, Australia F24752
12 Cameron / Stuart  23 Aug 1905New South Wales, Australia F16226
13 Campbell / Kemp  1877New South Wales, Australia F15180
14 Christie / Kemp  1883New South Wales, Australia F24890
15 Clifford / McMahon  1885New South Wales, Australia F15853
16 Clifford / Munro  1880New South Wales, Australia F15865
17 Clifford / Pitt  1913New South Wales, Australia F15854
18 Clifford / Schwab  1887New South Wales, Australia F15817
19 Conneally / Kemp  1885New South Wales, Australia F25019
20 Cooper / Stuart  1926New South Wales, Australia F16224
21 Couley / Reynolds  1932New South Wales, Australia F16131
22 Cox / Kemp  1865New South Wales, Australia F24892
23 Cullen / Kemp  1879New South Wales, Australia F25232
24 Davis / Ashton  1903New South Wales, Australia F15884
25 Dennis / Kemp  1882New South Wales, Australia F16770
26 Dixon / Paterson  1911New South Wales, Australia F16037
27 Dodemaide / Schell  1908New South Wales, Australia F167105
28 Donaldson / Wahlstrom  1942New South Wales, Australia F15839
29 Dries / Doherty  14 Aug 1873New South Wales, Australia F31791
30 Durrant / Kemp  1869New South Wales, Australia F20473
31 Erikson / Wahlstrom  1934New South Wales, Australia F15836
32 Ezzey / Staples  31 Dec 1890New South Wales, Australia F14268
33 Ezzy / Wilson  1925New South Wales, Australia F15874
34 Falk / Dowton  1938New South Wales, Australia F16298
35 Falk / Magick  1908New South Wales, Australia F16278
36 Flint / Jenner  Abt 1861New South Wales, Australia F8985
37 Fraser / Kemp  9 Apr 1927New South Wales, Australia F146913
38 Frazer / Kemp  1881New South Wales, Australia F25240
39 Furney / Magick  1910New South Wales, Australia F16173
40 Gardiner / Adlam  1909New South Wales, Australia F16233
41 Gardiner / Turvey  1939New South Wales, Australia F16244
42 Gibson / Kemp  1872New South Wales, Australia F25229
43 Gray / Magick  1918New South Wales, Australia F13735
44 Haddock / Kemp  1888New South Wales, Australia F24895
45 Haffey / Kemp  1877New South Wales, Australia F24922
46 Hancock / Kemp  1874New South Wales, Australia F25018
47 Hart / Kemp  1883New South Wales, Australia F24963
48 Henny / Kemp  1884New South Wales, Australia F20447
49 Hogden / Freeman  26 Aug 1882New South Wales, Australia F16414
50 Hogden / Lewis  1881New South Wales, Australia F16445

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