A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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Parkville, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.7833333, Longitude: 144.9500000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Button, Alice Rebecca  1960Parkville, Victoria, Australia I49501
2 Button, Ernest  1954Parkville, Victoria, Australia I49505
3 Button, Robert Archer  1965Parkville, Victoria, Australia I49510
4 Kemp, Annie  1948Parkville, Victoria, Australia I35807
5 Kemp, Fergus James  25 May 1973Parkville, Victoria, Australia I45840
6 Kemp, Frederick  1950Parkville, Victoria, Australia I45886
7 Kemp, George William  1963Parkville, Victoria, Australia I45229
8 Kemp, Georgina  1948Parkville, Victoria, Australia I35801
9 Kemp, Henry John  1947Parkville, Victoria, Australia I33502
10 Kemp, Norman Charles  9 Dec 1968Parkville, Victoria, Australia I35491
11 Kemp, Rayner Henry  1949Parkville, Victoria, Australia I33556
12 Kempe, Malinda Jane  1 Aug 2016Parkville, Victoria, Australia I363231
13 Ransom, Leonard Albert  1976Parkville, Victoria, Australia I30133
14 Ransom, William John  1946Parkville, Victoria, Australia I42157
15 Ransome, Isabella Violet  1975Parkville, Victoria, Australia I21708
16 Roselli, Charles Selwood  1962Parkville, Victoria, Australia I47442
17 Tait, Jean Charlton McDougall  1950Parkville, Victoria, Australia I47558
18 Westbrook, Charles David Paramatta  1945Parkville, Victoria, Australia I28907
19 Whiteacre, Selina  15 Aug 1945Parkville, Victoria, Australia I63412


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cheyne, Robert  2 Mar 1913Parkville, Victoria, Australia I81753
2 Fooks, Thomas Richardson  Parkville, Victoria, Australia I88513
3 Kemp, Martha Harriot  Aft 26 May 1967Parkville, Victoria, Australia I45646