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Preston, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -38.1402, Longitude: 144.351


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Greenwood, George Henry Clarance  1916Preston, Victoria, Australia I44833
2 Kemp, Gladys Rose  1916Preston, Victoria, Australia I36082
3 Lees, Ada Helen Victoria  1895Preston, Victoria, Australia I48222
4 Lees, Agnes Alice  1892Preston, Victoria, Australia I56830
5 Lees, Kemp Spence  1903Preston, Victoria, Australia I53981
6 Lees, Mary  1903Preston, Victoria, Australia I53982
7 Lees, Thomas Hartley  1899Preston, Victoria, Australia I47150
8 Page, Beryl Agnes  5 May 1922Preston, Victoria, Australia I46157
9 Steers, Lilian  1890Preston, Victoria, Australia I56975
10 Warren, John Stanley  Abt 1912Preston, Victoria, Australia I26488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Branagan, Bernard Francis  1967Preston, Victoria, Australia I44486
2 Burge, Martha Ellen  1925Preston, Victoria, Australia I35399
3 Connors, Ethel May  1985Preston, Victoria, Australia I42354
4 Cunningham, Charles William  1927Preston, Victoria, Australia I44625
5 Curtis, Florence Esther  1969Preston, Victoria, Australia I42266
6 Dobbin, Lena Amy  1974Preston, Victoria, Australia I42285
7 Ginger, Emily  19 Jun 1969Preston, Victoria, Australia I118398
8 Harvey, Rebecca Jane  1972Preston, Victoria, Australia I36288
9 Johnson, Cecilia Kemp  1966Preston, Victoria, Australia I44797
10 Kemp, Daisy Evelyn  1970Preston, Victoria, Australia I36067
11 Kemp, Ethel Evelyn  1962Preston, Victoria, Australia I35966
12 Kemp, Florence Ivy  Bef 25 Sep 1982Preston, Victoria, Australia I36253
13 Kemp, George  1921Preston, Victoria, Australia I33210
14 Kemp, George  1983Preston, Victoria, Australia I45907
15 Kemp, Gladys Emma Hilda  1980Preston, Victoria, Australia I36202
16 Kemp, Harold Hopetoun Beaumont  May 1965Preston, Victoria, Australia I45914
17 Kemp, Henry William  1925Preston, Victoria, Australia I33419
18 Kemp, Leslie George  Feb 1978Preston, Victoria, Australia I46640
19 Kemp, Louisa Henrietta  1970Preston, Victoria, Australia I36069
20 Kemp, Martha  1925Preston, Victoria, Australia I33421
21 Kemp, Maxwell Bruns  1948Preston, Victoria, Australia I35510
22 Kemp, Myra Louisa  11 Jun 1958Preston, Victoria, Australia I46855
23 Kemp, Robert  13 Apr 1938Preston, Victoria, Australia I35435
24 Kemp, Royce Albert  Apr 1920Preston, Victoria, Australia I48124
25 Kemp, Susan Elizabeth  1928Preston, Victoria, Australia I33457
26 Lees, Mary  1903Preston, Victoria, Australia I53982
27 McCarthy, Elizabeth Maud  1964Preston, Victoria, Australia I20272
28 McDonald, Victoria Ross (Rossie)  29 Dec 1974Preston, Victoria, Australia I550661
29 McGregor, Jane  1949Preston, Victoria, Australia I46205
30 Melhuish, Annie Rose  1961Preston, Victoria, Australia I45133
31 Oaten, Henry William  1950Preston, Victoria, Australia I81759
32 Okenham, Catherine  1950Preston, Victoria, Australia I45242
33 Pluke, William James  2 Oct 1950Preston, Victoria, Australia I545009
34 Ransom, Arthur  1966Preston, Victoria, Australia I42355
35 Ransom, Arthur Ernest  1966Preston, Victoria, Australia I42315
36 Ransom, Charlotte Caroline  1970Preston, Victoria, Australia I21738
37 Rhook, Ellen Mary  1978Preston, Victoria, Australia I33433
38 Rosman, Edith Emma  1950Preston, Victoria, Australia I44667
39 Spillain, Elizabeth Ann  21 Sep 1946Preston, Victoria, Australia I56012
40 Tillack, Mary  1930Preston, Victoria, Australia I47636
41 Turley, George Henry  1943Preston, Victoria, Australia I22270


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Mary Ann  5 Mar 1947Preston, Victoria, Australia I26460
2 Penfold, John Thomas  23 Nov 1938Preston, Victoria, Australia I28053


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Burge, Martha Ellen  1924Preston, Victoria, Australia I35399
2 Kemp, Beatrice Elsie Maud  1924Preston, Victoria, Australia I45159
3 Kemp, Beatrice Elsie Maud  1931Preston, Victoria, Australia I45159
4 Kemp, Myra Louisa  Preston, Victoria, Australia I46855
5 Willis, Arnold William  1924Preston, Victoria, Australia I119992
6 Willis, Arnold William  1931Preston, Victoria, Australia I119992
7 Willis, Arnold William  1936Preston, Victoria, Australia I119992
8 Willis, Arnold William  1937Preston, Victoria, Australia I119992


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hill / Warren  12 Dec 1936Preston, Victoria, Australia F7920