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Springvale, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.9500000, Longitude: 145.1500000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Charles  14 Jul 1963Springvale, Victoria, Australia I45261
2 Kemp, Dorothy Lydia  1953Springvale, Victoria, Australia I35869
3 Kemp, Emma  1942Springvale, Victoria, Australia I610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Auton, Ella Marjorie  5 Nov 1990Springvale, Victoria, Australia I84654
2 Bell, Isaac  29 Jan 1954Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30331
3 Breasley, Faye Lynette  1965Springvale, Victoria, Australia I39256
4 Crellin, William Charles Hector  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30326
5 Dethridge, Ada Puberta  31 Mar 1966Springvale, Victoria, Australia I26
6 Ferguson, John Rupert Charles  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I118368
7 Funnell, Ruby Louise  12 Jan 1999Springvale, Victoria, Australia I32594
8 Hayhoe, Harold Edward  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I300611
9 Hoare, Richard Morton  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30290
10 Hoare, Trethowen Vernon  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30298
11 Johnson, Jean  8 May 1966Springvale, Victoria, Australia I28459
12 Kemp, Dorothy Edith  10 Jan 1995Springvale, Victoria, Australia I31671
13 Kemp, Herbert Humphrey  Aft 28 Jun 1958Springvale, Victoria, Australia I53402
14 Kemp, Madge Alice  24 Jun 1993Springvale, Victoria, Australia I44859
15 Kemp, Robert George  Aft 14 Mar 1949Springvale, Victoria, Australia I13
16 Marsden, Reginald George  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I3022
17 Martin, Jean  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30207
18 Martin, Violet Annie  1979Springvale, Victoria, Australia I45998
19 McDougall, William Keith  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I31840
20 McErvale, Henry John  20 Jun 1962Springvale, Victoria, Australia I204
21 McLeod, Lillian Pearl  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30553
22 Morrow, Arthur Robert  22 May 1973Springvale, Victoria, Australia I33752
23 Palmer, Emily Mary  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30303
24 Penney, William Frank  24 Jun 1971Springvale, Victoria, Australia I56914
25 Phillips, Keith Oliver Charles  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30095
26 Phillips, Verna Clara Richter  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30112
27 Porter, Hazel Muriel  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I3931
28 Price, Thorpe Egbert  15 May 1997Springvale, Victoria, Australia I32593
29 Ransome, Eleanor Mary  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I21711
30 Ransome, Sarah Elizabeth  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I21706
31 Roser, Ernest  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30344
32 Rutzou, Theodore Percival Henry McLean  24 Dec 1951Springvale, Victoria, Australia I47483
33 Scattergood, William Henry  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30113
34 Smith, Stanley  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30341
35 Stubbs, Lillian May  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30087
36 Warner, Ernest James  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30323
37 Warner, Lily  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30325
38 Warren, Thomas Edward  27 Dec 1968Springvale, Victoria, Australia I26030
39 Watt, Albert James  27 Dec 1997Springvale, Victoria, Australia I28187
40 Whiteacre, Selina  1945Springvale, Victoria, Australia I63412
41 Windsor, William Henry  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I30276
42 Wood, Graeme Ernest John  10 Jan 1981Springvale, Victoria, Australia I26290


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 De Jong, Johannes Theodorus Laurentius  9 May 1997Springvale, Victoria, Australia I236
2 Furlong, Elizabeth Frances  1 Jun 1962Springvale, Victoria, Australia I24
3 Hill, Geoffrey John  1978Springvale, Victoria, Australia I81679
4 Jack, Selina Margaret  Springvale, Victoria, Australia I44479
5 Jacobsen, Francis Carl  6 May 1994Springvale, Victoria, Australia I33735
6 Kemp, Ada  24 Jun 1975Springvale, Victoria, Australia I33610
7 Kemp, Allan Winterburn  13 Oct 1964Springvale, Victoria, Australia I31668
8 Kemp, Charles  17 Jul 1963Springvale, Victoria, Australia I45261
9 Kemp, Marjory Annie  4 Mar 1996Springvale, Victoria, Australia I31672
10 McDougall, Madeline  17 Feb 1981Springvale, Victoria, Australia I31935
11 Murphy, Edward James  8 Sep 1993Springvale, Victoria, Australia I7
12 Nicholson, Graham Leigh  Dec 1984Springvale, Victoria, Australia I81682
13 Price, Kathleen Minnie  17 Jul 1981Springvale, Victoria, Australia I46612
14 Ruis, Alida Sophia  20 Mar 1998Springvale, Victoria, Australia I237
15 Ryan, Doris  11 Sep 2001Springvale, Victoria, Australia I33751
16 Smith, Marguerite Frances  27 Nov 1991Springvale, Victoria, Australia I33733
17 Van Der Ven, Zeno Hendrik  29 May 1987Springvale, Victoria, Australia I222
18 Watts, Frederick Jack  15 Aug 1975Springvale, Victoria, Australia I33753