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Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.0666667, Longitude: 144.2166667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beaumont, Rachel Mary  Abt 1864Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56566
2 Brown, Eric John  1906Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I26956
3 Brown, Kath Marie  1909Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I53521
4 Brown, Leonard Gerald  Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I47888
5 Brown, Leonard Gerald  1910Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I53520
6 Brown, Leonard Joseph  1912Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I53519
7 Byrne, Annie Elizabeth  Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I35915
8 Crawford, John Allan  Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I28843
9 Donald, Ellen Kathleen  1905Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I39299
10 Kemp, Charles Alfred  1880Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I185
11 Kemp, Eileen  1898Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I39317
12 Kemp, Elizabeth Anne  1881Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I186
13 Kemp, Emma Louisa Maud  1883Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I187
14 Kemp, Ethel May  1884Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I189
15 Kemp, Francis  1893Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I20083
16 Kemp, George McDougal  1872Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1360
17 Kemp, Gertrude Mabel  1889Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I39313
18 Kemp, Herbert Harold  1884Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I188
19 Kemp, Herbert Harold  1896Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56555
20 Kemp, Leslie Joseph  1892Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I39314
21 Kemp, Mary  1895Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I28847
22 Kemp, Mary Ann  1900Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I28846
23 Kemp, Robert  1854Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I613
24 Kemp, Robert George  27 Jul 1885Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I13
25 Kemp, Sophie Bloxham  Abt 1864Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1330
26 Kemp, William Reuben  1896Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I39316
27 Kemp, William Robert  17 Mar 1856Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I165
28 Kempson, Charles Henry  Abt 1873Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56628
29 Kempson, Clive Norman  1895Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56638
30 Kempson, Ilfia Edith May  1898Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56627
31 Kempson, Ivy Maud Evelyn  12 May 1901Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56639
32 Kempson, Kathleen Doris  1891Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56648
33 Kerr, Margaret  1872Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I33584
34 Kincaid, Andrew  1866Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I21721
35 McDonnell, Annie Josine  1871Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I28841
36 Ransom, Maude Mary  1869Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I30517
37 Ransom, Plazzy Bedinfield  1867Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1073
38 Yandell, Leah Norma  7 Apr 1880Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I43582
39 Yardley, Charles Herbert  Abt 1869Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I54362


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brewer, Ann  23 Sep 1872Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I198
2 Glen, Elizabeth  12 Sep 1917Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I42134
3 Harris, Margaret Ann Phoebe  4 Jun 1895Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I19940
4 Jackson, Joseph  1910Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I53654
5 Kemp, Charles  1859Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I614
6 Kemp, Eileen  1901Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I39317
7 Kemp, Elizabeth Anne  1883Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I186
8 Kemp, Ethel Emma  17 Mar 1979Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I374393
9 Kemp, Herbert Harold  1885Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I188
10 Kemp, Herbert Harold  1897Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56555
11 Kemp, John  1890Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56436
12 Kemp, Joseph Leslie  1890Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I33506
13 Kemp, Mary  1898Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I28847
14 Kemp, Mary Ann  1916Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I28846
15 Kemp, Robert  1 Apr 1883Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I197
16 Kemp, William Robert  12 Aug 1919Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I165
17 Kempson, Edith Annie  1892Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I56645
18 Morris, Mary Ann  18 Jan 1903Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I166
19 Ransom, John Ellis  18 Oct 1873Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I1041
20 Stinton, Richard James  1947Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I47608
21 Willis, Margaret Ann  1895Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I54535


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Robert  Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I613
2 Kemp, Robert  Abt 1879Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I197


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Robert  1856Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I197
2 Kemp, Robert  1881Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I197
3 Kemp, William Robert  Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia I165


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Donald / Kemp  1904Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F6265
2 Kemp / Gates  1859Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F160
3 Kemp / Morris  9 Feb 1879Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F37
4 Kincaid / Ransom  1887Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F6102
5 Yandell / Kemp  27 Sep 1863Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia F13356