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Maldon, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -36.9833333, Longitude: 144.0833333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Albert Edward Kemp  1877Maldon, Victoria, Australia I31678
2 Bishop, Emma Louise Martha  1875Maldon, Victoria, Australia I31681
3 Jewell, Albert Ernest  1880Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43054
4 Jewell, Alfred John  1869Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43050
5 Jewell, Benjamin  1877Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43053
6 Jewell, Charles  1873Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43052
7 Jewell, Edward Henry  1870Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43051
8 Jewell, George  1871Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43049
9 Jewell, John  Abt 1843Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43047
10 Kemp, George  1868Maldon, Victoria, Australia I33354
11 Kemp, George  Abt 1872Maldon, Victoria, Australia I36065
12 Kemp, Walter  1873Maldon, Victoria, Australia I1333
13 Leach, Sarah Jane  1860Maldon, Victoria, Australia I49296
14 Moon, Annie Frances  1871Maldon, Victoria, Australia I27098
15 Moon, Blanche Henrietta  1873Maldon, Victoria, Australia I27097
16 Moon, Leonard  1875Maldon, Victoria, Australia I27096
17 Moon, Mary Louisa  1877Maldon, Victoria, Australia I27095
18 Percy, Eunice Elizabeth  1861Maldon, Victoria, Australia I30655
19 Ransom, Alice Maude  1880Maldon, Victoria, Australia I41763
20 Ransom, Herbert Victor Percy  1893Maldon, Victoria, Australia I30682
21 Ransom, Lillian  1883Maldon, Victoria, Australia I33236
22 Rule, Lillian Mary Elizabeth  1907Maldon, Victoria, Australia I39688
23 Rule, Percy Richard  1905Maldon, Victoria, Australia I39687
24 Subritzky, Ada Isola  1865Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3292
25 Subritzky, Ada Phillis  1862Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3290
26 Subritzky, Elizabeth Eleanor  18 Oct 1857Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3287
27 Subritzky, Evelyn  18 Jun 1865Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3291
28 Subritzky, Henry George  20 Jun 1861Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3289
29 Subritzky, Herbert Walter  28 Sep 1866Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3293
30 Subritzky, John William Henry  27 Jun 1854Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3286
31 Subritzky, Lenice Cescelia  6 Mar 1859Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3288
32 Subritzky, Ludolph Anton  11 Feb 1856Maldon, Victoria, Australia I1779
33 Wagener, Albert Ulysses  1887Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3272
34 Wagener, Frederick Edward Augustus  1862Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3268
35 Wagener, Louisa Henrietta  17 Nov 1878Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3304


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jewell, Alfred John  1895Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43050
2 Jewell, Benjamin  1878Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43053
3 Jewell, Edward Henry  1870Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43051
4 Kemp, Louisa Mary Ann  30 Apr 1909Maldon, Victoria, Australia I43048
5 Sorrell, Albina Nathalia  1966Maldon, Victoria, Australia I47362
6 Spanake, Louisa Sophia Doris  Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3265
7 Wagener, Edward Ferdinand  Maldon, Victoria, Australia I3267


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Button / Leach  12 Apr 1882Maldon, Victoria, Australia F15375
2 Rule / Ransom  1902Maldon, Victoria, Australia F9908
3 Wagener / Spanake  28 Aug 1861Maldon, Victoria, Australia F625