A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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Park, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -37.0000000, Longitude: 145.0000000


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atyeo, Clarice Augusta  1965Park, Victoria, Australia I45320
2 Badham, Charles Gardiner  1967Park, Victoria, Australia I44288
3 Bell, Leonard Robert M  1971Park, Victoria, Australia I44328
4 Burns, Helen Ruth  11 Sep 1965Park, Victoria, Australia I35389
5 Dethridge, Ada Puberta  14 Sep 1965Park, Victoria, Australia I26
6 Goode, Minnie  1969Park, Victoria, Australia I46849
7 Hannah, Elsie May  1978Park, Victoria, Australia I45709
8 Harrison, Gertrude Margaret  1970Park, Victoria, Australia I44856
9 Healy, Daniel Ambrose  1957Park, Victoria, Australia I44858
10 Hoare, Thomas Richard  1967Park, Victoria, Australia I44882
11 Kemp, Clifford  1981Park, Victoria, Australia I45324
12 Kemp, Edward G  1976Park, Victoria, Australia I38366
13 Kemp, Ernest Clarence  1961Park, Victoria, Australia I45743
14 Kemp, Francis Muirhead  1967Park, Victoria, Australia I45864
15 Kemp, Frank  1972Park, Victoria, Australia I45869
16 Kemp, Frank Leslie  1957Park, Victoria, Australia I45877
17 Kemp, Hannah Theresa  1957Park, Victoria, Australia I35916
18 Kemp, Harold William  1979Park, Victoria, Australia I45960
19 Kemp, Herbert Henry  22 Mar 1962Park, Victoria, Australia I45988
20 Kemp, Louisa Celia  1956Park, Victoria, Australia I35906
21 Kemp, Maude Ellen  Abt 5 Nov 1982Park, Victoria, Australia I55649
22 Kemp, Raymond Leslie  9 Sep 1983Park, Victoria, Australia I46928
23 Kemp, Rosetta Doris  1968Park, Victoria, Australia I36033
24 Kemp, William  1957Park, Victoria, Australia I47095
25 Kemp, William Albert  Jun 1982Park, Victoria, Australia I47105
26 Kemp, Winnie Myrtle  1963Park, Victoria, Australia I36011
27 Kincaid, Matilda  1971Park, Victoria, Australia I30565
28 Liddell, Mary Watson  1959Park, Victoria, Australia I46807
29 Maxwell, Emma  1957Park, Victoria, Australia I45729
30 McCulloch, Dorothy  1981Park, Victoria, Australia I45373
31 Moore, Norman Henry Flanders  1975Park, Victoria, Australia I47309
32 Ransom, Ernest Edward  1965Park, Victoria, Australia I42255
33 Ransom, Tasman Waghorn  1957Park, Victoria, Australia I42232
34 Ransome, George Maxwell  1984Park, Victoria, Australia I42344
35 Ransome, Rebecca Jane  1984Park, Victoria, Australia I42347
36 Schneider, Frances Gladys  1966Park, Victoria, Australia I20348
37 Tell, Elsie Eva  1956Park, Victoria, Australia I47632
38 Westbrook, Eric  1972Park, Victoria, Australia I28954
39 Westbrook, Jack  1972Park, Victoria, Australia I28959
40 Westbrook, Lily  1954Park, Victoria, Australia I619
41 Wootton, May  1967Park, Victoria, Australia I20165