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Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Latitude: 43.6758333, Longitude: -79.3969444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addison, Frank Gibson  28 Jun 1880Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124982
2 Appleton, Harry Laverne  10 Jun 1899Toronto, Ontario, Canada I125228
3 Baker, Rose Alice  22 Mar 1895Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124550
4 Barranger, John Philp  11 Jun 1933Toronto, Ontario, Canada I63938
5 Clifford, William  11 Sep 1830Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64321
6 Greenwood, Reginald Foster  5 Dec 1905Toronto, Ontario, Canada I69482
7 Griffis, Norma Pearl  30 Jan 1898Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124596
8 Hanley, George Nelson  5 Nov 1913Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124567
9 Hart, Harry Frederick  15 Apr 1928Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127487
10 Hill, Charles Stewart  20 Nov 1885Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124884
11 Irvine, Francis Joseph "Frank"  1874Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127502
12 Kemp, Albert Edwin "Eddie"  18 Aug 1881Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123538
13 Kemp, Alfred Playter  14 Jul 1893Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124026
14 Kemp, Alvin Ernest Earl  2 Oct 1908Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124775
15 Kemp, Ann Perell "Pearl"  8 Jan 1885Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123540
16 Kemp, Arthur Roderick  18 Nov 1916Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64567
17 Kemp, Audrey  Aft 1922Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509154
18 Kemp, Caroline "Maud"  8 Feb 1880Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123537
19 Kemp, Charles Albert Victor  25 Aug 1877Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123536
20 Kemp, Donald MacIver  27 Mar 1928Toronto, Ontario, Canada I125180
21 Kemp, Eva "Dorothy"  13 Jan 1911Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123759
22 Kemp, Evelyn  Aft 1917Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509149
23 Kemp, Francis Badgerow  7 Feb 1880Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123546
24 Kemp, Frank Albert  5 Feb 1930Toronto, Ontario, Canada I108207
25 Kemp, George Frederick  7 Apr 1895Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124028
26 Kemp, Georgina Nellie  21 Nov 1886Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123541
27 Kemp, Gordon  Aft 1922Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509156
28 Kemp, Graham Playter  1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124551
29 Kemp, James Purcival Helm  14 Apr 1888Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123557
30 Kemp, Kenneth Bower  23 Jul 1931Toronto, Ontario, Canada I108212
31 Kemp, Leslie  21 Jan 1956Toronto, Ontario, Canada I83051
32 Kemp, Luella  12 May 1893Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123945
33 Kemp, Margaret Alison  10 Oct 1925Toronto, Ontario, Canada I125179
34 Kemp, Martin "Austin"  3 Feb 1882Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123547
35 Kemp, Muriel Olive  27 Feb 1933Toronto, Ontario, Canada I122897
36 Kemp, Norman  Abt 1892Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509195
37 Kemp, Percy  18 Feb 1883Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123539
38 Kemp, Playter  17 Apr 1887Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123550
39 Kemp, Robert G  22 Dec 1928Toronto, Ontario, Canada I375011
40 Kemp, Ross  Abt 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509153
41 Kemp, Shirley  Aft 1917Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509150
42 Kemp, Thomas Dimma  28 Aug 1877Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123545
43 Kemp, Tracy Keith  6 Sep 1890Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124025
44 Kemp, William Alexander  10 Jul 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I109100
45 Kemp, William Edward  1886Toronto, Ontario, Canada I117818
46 Kitchen, Irene  31 Jul 1887Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124673
47 Macquire, Ruby  21 Jun 1893Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127782
48 Rushbrook, Albert T W  10 Aug 1884Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64783
49 Rushbrook, Edward Clifford M  6 Oct 1904Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64788
50 Rushbrook, Edward Joseph  14 May 1892Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64789

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barranger, John Philp  9 Aug 2004Toronto, Ontario, Canada I63938
2 Barzagke, Elizabeth  28 Sep 1959Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127236
3 Bigelow, Anna Maria  20 Jan 1908Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123816
4 Brown, Matilda  3 Feb 1956Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39410
5 Brown, Sarah Almeda  1943Toronto, Ontario, Canada I125132
6 Burgis, Cora  Bef 1963Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509148
7 Burton, Helen  6 Feb 1951Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6232
8 Cameron, Mary Elizabeth Clare  5 May 2008Toronto, Ontario, Canada I125184
9 Chapman, Robert Edmund  14 Jun 1909Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124669
10 Clifford, Walker  26 Mar 1960Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64299
11 Delamere, Thomas Denison  27 Feb 1985Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127284
12 Delamere, Thomas George  8 May 2007Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127285
13 Dockstader, Margaret Ann  5 Apr 1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123793
14 Fowler, Arthur Russell  6 Feb 1937Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123286
15 Gale, Godfrey [--?--]stone  4 Mar 1896Toronto, Ontario, Canada I68071
16 Gartshore, Alexander Sydney  15 Oct 1952Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6237
17 Gartshore, Charles Minchin  3 Oct 1905Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6236
18 Gartshore, Emily Jaqueline  1987Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6234
19 Gartshore, John James  9 Oct 1933Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6170
20 Gartshore, John Stanley  1970Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6239
21 Griffis, Elyda Marilla  4 Jan 1932Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123511
22 Griffis, Stephen Henry  12 Nov 1913Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123514
23 Gross, Emma Cory  21 Oct 1906Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123241
24 Guillet, Edwin  28 Jun 1936Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123291
25 Hoffman, Ella Rose  1960Toronto, Ontario, Canada I108351
26 Hutchison, Olive Christine  12 Jan 1976Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124008
27 Inward, William Frederick  8 Jun 1992Toronto, Ontario, Canada I108234
28 Javan, Rudolph Henry  8 Feb 1926Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123561
29 Jewell, Amelia Jane  3 May 1924Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123797
30 Kemp, Albert Edwin "Eddie"  25 Jan 1925Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123538
31 Kemp, Albert Munroe  16 Dec 1905Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123779
32 Kemp, Alfred Playter  26 Aug 1893Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124026
33 Kemp, Alfretta  2 Nov 1876Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123544
34 Kemp, Alvin  Bef 1960Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509145
35 Kemp, Annie  26 Apr 1938Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509191
36 Kemp, Bessie Madeline  10 Aug 1912Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123695
37 Kemp, Charles  1877Toronto, Ontario, Canada I375021
38 Kemp, Charles  15 Jul 1890Toronto, Ontario, Canada I58272
39 Kemp, Charles Albert Victor  29 Jun 1930Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123536
40 Kemp, Charles Biggar  8 Oct 1906Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123231
41 Kemp, Charles Kenneth  1940Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123275
42 Kemp, Corrine  9 Dec 1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123272
43 Kemp, Donald James  12 Jan 2013Toronto, Ontario, Canada I301103
44 Kemp, Donald MacIver  29 Nov 2002Toronto, Ontario, Canada I125180
45 Kemp, Douglas Wesley  Sep 1983Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127561
46 Kemp, Edith Camilla Marcilean  10 Jan 1949Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123808
47 Kemp, Elizabeth  9 Feb 1938Toronto, Ontario, Canada I509187
48 Kemp, Estella May  30 Oct 1934Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123815
49 Kemp, Everett Rennie  18 Feb 1960Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123331
50 Kemp, Frank Albert  30 Dec 1933Toronto, Ontario, Canada I108207

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barzagke, Elizabeth  1 Oct 1959Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127236
2 Brown, Matilda  1956Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39410
3 Burton, Helen  8 Feb 1951Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6232
4 Cameron, Mary Elizabeth Clare  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I125184
5 Gartshore, Alexander Sydney  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6237
6 Gartshore, Charles Minchin  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6236
7 Gartshore, Helen Emma  28 Jun 1967Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6233
8 Gartshore, John James  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6170
9 Kemp, Frederick John  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123673
10 Kemp, George Frederick  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I124028
11 Kemp, Hazelwood Elizabeth  5 Apr 1973Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127626
12 Kemp, James Alfred Morrow  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123572
13 Kemp, Sarah  30 Jun 1947Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123785
14 Kemp, Sarah "Ethel" Christina Augusta Nancy Jane  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123731
15 Kemp, Vida Evelyn  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I122891
16 Kemp, Viola Lilian  1987Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127747
17 Kemp, William Henry  20 May 1914Toronto, Ontario, Canada I111187
18 Luce, Charles Etionne  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6241
19 MacMurtrie, Margaret Falconer  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I6267
20 McIntosh, David Wallace  2 Sep 1969Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127805
21 McIntosh, Donald Kemp  3 Jun 1948Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127806
22 Overell, Sarah Ann  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I123822
23 Tanner, Francis Wilson  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I122894
24 Williams, Abraham  1952Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39409
25 Williams, Albert Kemp Browne  1974Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39510
26 Williams, Anna Mary  1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39489
27 Williams, Cecil George Wilson  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39509
28 Williams, Ethel Wallace  1995Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39505
29 Williams, Hugh Richard Herbert  1957Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39496
30 Williams, John James Parker  1956Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39493
31 Williams, Sarah Christina Georgina Chadwick  9 Nov 1993Toronto, Ontario, Canada I39502


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rushbrook, Viola Elizabeth  26 Mar 1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64817
2 Rushbrook, William Arthur  1873Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64823
3 Rushbrook, William Arthur  Abt 1873Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64823
4 Rushbrook, William Arthur  1873Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64823


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Charlotte Isobel  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I104221


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Rushbrook, Henry  Between 1871 and 1881Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64797


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Kemp, A. E.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I129959
2 Kemp, Norma  1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127705


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Barzagke, Elizabeth  1940Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127236
2 Cavanagh, Alvin Elmer  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127264
3 Falls, Maude Emily  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127380
4 Falls, Robert H  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127386
5 Graham, Thomas Henry  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127448
6 Greenwood, Emily Elva  1911Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127455
7 Greenwood, Emily Elva  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127455
8 Hart, Harry Frederick  1955Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127487
9 Kemp, Hazelwood Elizabeth  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127626
10 Kemp, Norma  1918Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127705
11 Kemp, Norma  Nov 1950Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127705
12 Macquire, Ruby  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127782
13 Macquire, Ruby  1925Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127782
14 McIntosh, David Wallace  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127805
15 McIntosh, David Wallace  1940Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127805
16 McIntosh, Donald Kemp  1 Jun 1921Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127806
17 McIntosh, Donald Kemp  1940Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127806
18 O'Connor, William John  1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada I127837
19 Rushbrook, Edward Joseph  Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64789
20 Rushbrook, Henry Joseph  Abt 1881Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64799
21 Rushbrook, Henry Joseph  Abt 1881Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64799
22 Rushbrook, Henry Joseph  Abt 1881Toronto, Ontario, Canada I64799
23 West, Elizabeth  Abt 1881Toronto, Ontario, Canada I65003
24 West, Elizabeth  Abt 1881Toronto, Ontario, Canada I65003


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Addison / Kemp  28 Jun 1904Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40745
2 Baker / Kemp  1 Jun 1922Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40275
3 Chapman / Kemp  15 Jun 1895Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40609
4 Ede / Kemp  18 Jul 1910Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40630
5 Gartshore / Mitchell  7 Mar 1834Toronto, Ontario, Canada F2846
6 Griffis / Crawford  16 Aug 1916Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40763
7 Griffis / Gerald  27 Aug 1908Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40249
8 Kearns / Williams  Toronto, Ontario, Canada F12018
9 Kemp / Baker  24 May 1919Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40424
10 Kemp / Ballantyne  17 Sep 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada F105555
11 Kemp / Baxter  19 Feb 1901Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40164
12 Kemp / Coulter  29 Aug 1902Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40255
13 Kemp / Fennell  21 Jun 1941Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40304
14 Kemp / Kitchen  8 Jul 1909Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40613
15 Kemp / Macquire  26 Feb 1925Toronto, Ontario, Canada F41873
16 Kemp / Mountbatten  11 Dec 1965Toronto, Ontario, Canada F34710
17 Kemp / Norton  3 Mar 1925Toronto, Ontario, Canada F105560
18 LeWarne / Kemp  23 Feb 1887Toronto, Ontario, Canada F149826
19 Loan / Kemp  26 Oct 1897Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40369
20 McMurray / Sine  20 Oct 1934Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40039
21 Murphy / Morton  Abt 1854Toronto, Ontario, Canada F143
22 Newman / Brown  17 Feb 1915Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40821
23 Newman / Davis  17 Sep 1923Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40730
24 O'Connor / Mills  19 Jul 1943Toronto, Ontario, Canada F97630
25 Quennell / Kemp  12 May 1920Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40612
26 Smith / Kemp  16 Apr 1927Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40340
27 Smith / Owin (Owen?)  18 May 1842Toronto, Ontario, Canada F20
28 Sully / Kemp  1892Toronto, Ontario, Canada F149828
29 Tamplin / Griffis  22 Oct 1924Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40587
30 Tripp / Perry  21 Sep 1910Toronto, Ontario, Canada F40627
31 Williams / Paterson  Toronto, Ontario, Canada F12021