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Geelong, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -38.1493, Longitude: 144.36


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Addlington, Agnes  1860Geelong, Victoria, Australia I45061
2 Batchelor, Jane  7 Aug 1849Geelong, Victoria, Australia I42928
3 Bowker, James Charles  1853Geelong, Victoria, Australia I21623
4 Challis, Alan  1907Geelong, Victoria, Australia I49868
5 Connellan, Bridget  20 Mar 1859Geelong, Victoria, Australia I20030
6 Cunningham, Elizabeth Doris  1905Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118347
7 Cunningham, Leonard Henry  1908Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118348
8 Cunningham, Patrick Michael  1878Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118349
9 Deans, Marjorie Gwendoline Jean  13 Aug 1919Geelong, Victoria, Australia I31937
10 Gunsser, Esther  14 Aug 1911Geelong, Victoria, Australia I62830
11 Hargreaves, Agnes May  1896Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118414
12 Hargreaves, Annie  1906Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118415
13 Hargreaves, Bernard William  1894Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118417
14 Hargreaves, Frances May  1907Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118418
15 Hargreaves, Josine Ruby  1899Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118419
16 Hargreaves, Leslie Baden  1901Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118420
17 Hargreaves, Mary  1906Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118421
18 Hartley, Charlotte  Abt 1867Geelong, Victoria, Australia I33123
19 Hooley, Caroline  1857Geelong, Victoria, Australia I36183
20 Julien, Albert Edward  1909Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44948
21 Julien, Elsie May  1902Geelong, Victoria, Australia I53667
22 Julien, Gladys Mabel  1904Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44949
23 Julien, Percy  1898Geelong, Victoria, Australia I54579
24 Karslake, John Thomas  1860Geelong, Victoria, Australia I20289
25 Kaufner, Doris May  1898Geelong, Victoria, Australia I54581
26 Kaufner, Jessie Clarice  1901Geelong, Victoria, Australia I54580
27 Kemp, Ada Barbara  24 May 1914Geelong, Victoria, Australia I48037
28 Kemp, Alice May  1906Geelong, Victoria, Australia I53893
29 Kemp, Bedelia  1862Geelong, Victoria, Australia I35824
30 Kemp, Charles Simson  1883Geelong, Victoria, Australia I45303
31 Kemp, Elizabeth Mary  1859Geelong, Victoria, Australia I65724
32 Kemp, Ellen  1 Dec 1853Geelong, Victoria, Australia I47594
33 Kemp, Ellen  1857Geelong, Victoria, Australia I65727
34 Kemp, Ellen Norah  1870Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1361
35 Kemp, Esther Ann  1904Geelong, Victoria, Australia I53894
36 Kemp, George Hawthorn  1902Geelong, Victoria, Australia I35459
37 Kemp, Jessie Margaret  1917Geelong, Victoria, Australia I48121
38 Kemp, Mary Kathleen  1884Geelong, Victoria, Australia I35820
39 Kempmyer, Mary  Abt 1869Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44598
40 Kempton, John William  Abt 1876Geelong, Victoria, Australia I54430
41 Kempton, Percy James  1900Geelong, Victoria, Australia I56795
42 Kempton, Thomas  Abt 1879Geelong, Victoria, Australia I56776
43 Liston, Elizabeth Maria  Abt 1879Geelong, Victoria, Australia I56777
44 Markin, Arthur William Clarence  1909Geelong, Victoria, Australia I53984
45 Markin, Dulcie May  1913Geelong, Victoria, Australia I47180
46 Markin, Iris Blanche  1907Geelong, Victoria, Australia I53985
47 Markin, William Arthur  Geelong, Victoria, Australia I36113
48 Marsden, Reginald George  19 Feb 1882Geelong, Victoria, Australia I3022
49 McErvale, Elizabeth Anne  14 Jan 1935Geelong, Victoria, Australia I85019
50 Meloury, Agnes  1890Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118584

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Elizabeth  13 Jul 1847Geelong, Victoria, Australia I42930
2 Batchelor, Jane  26 Aug 1849Geelong, Victoria, Australia I42928
3 Kemp, Henry  21 Jan 1849Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1382
4 Kemp, Sophia Jane  8 Dec 1853Geelong, Victoria, Australia I33312
5 Pike, Emily Matilda  19 Oct 1874Geelong, Victoria, Australia I21390
6 Stow, Edward Alfred Charles  19 Oct 1874Geelong, Victoria, Australia I21389


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Emma  1940Geelong, Victoria, Australia I42918
2 Bowker, Gordon  2007Geelong, Victoria, Australia I542973
3 Butcher, David Mackie  28 Jul 1983Geelong, Victoria, Australia I55674
4 Challis, Edwin Ernest  1959Geelong, Victoria, Australia I49527
5 Challis, Jonas George  1957Geelong, Victoria, Australia I49524
6 Cheeseman, Amelia  1888Geelong, Victoria, Australia I26524
7 Cunningham, Patrick Michael  1940Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118349
8 Davies, Mary Ann  1932Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44637
9 Earl, Alfred John  18 Feb 1950Geelong, Victoria, Australia I36087
10 Field, Annie  1921Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44671
11 Field, Blanche  1939Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44672
12 Field, Charles Ruder  1953Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44673
13 Field, Emily  1947Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44674
14 Fowler, Albert Edward  1925Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44779
15 Gaylard, Ivy Elizabeth  1976Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118384
16 Hargreaves, Annie  1906Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118415
17 Hargreaves, Bernard William  1976Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118417
18 Hargreaves, Mary  1906Geelong, Victoria, Australia I118421
19 Harris, Harold David  Geelong, Victoria, Australia I351613
20 Howard, Louisa Florence  1978Geelong, Victoria, Australia I49528
21 James, Margaret  Geelong, Victoria, Australia I33326
22 James, Margaretina  1977Geelong, Victoria, Australia I46732
23 Julien, Albert Edward  1925Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44948
24 Julien, Gladys Mabel  1965Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44949
25 Julien, John Francis Her  1970Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44950
26 Kemp, Alice Ellen  1948Geelong, Victoria, Australia I33275
27 Kemp, Allan William  18 Sep 1999Geelong, Victoria, Australia I35549
28 Kemp, Amy Isabella  1923Geelong, Victoria, Australia I20960
29 Kemp, Ann  1904Geelong, Victoria, Australia I38222
30 Kemp, Arthur Norman  1979Geelong, Victoria, Australia I45150
31 Kemp, Betsy Turnbull  1949Geelong, Victoria, Australia I33560
32 Kemp, Catherine  24 Sep 1991Geelong, Victoria, Australia I146027
33 Kemp, Clarence Arthur  1974Geelong, Victoria, Australia I45316
34 Kemp, Henry Otto  Jan 1960Geelong, Victoria, Australia I45982
35 Kemp, Herbert Leslie  1981Geelong, Victoria, Australia I45994
36 Kemp, James  1847Geelong, Victoria, Australia I82604
37 Kemp, James Hubert Clavering  Jul 1951Geelong, Victoria, Australia I46215
38 Kemp, Margaret Murray  1958Geelong, Victoria, Australia I35928
39 Kemp, Mary  1923Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44669
40 Kemp, Mary Ann  1895Geelong, Victoria, Australia I44675
41 Kemp, Mary Annie  1 Dec 1972Geelong, Victoria, Australia I36086
42 Kemp, Richard Turnbull  1980Geelong, Victoria, Australia I46949
43 Kemp, Ross  22 Jul 1987Geelong, Victoria, Australia I146012
44 Kemp, Thomas Alfred  1915Geelong, Victoria, Australia I43086
45 Kemp, William Alfred  1981Geelong, Victoria, Australia I47109
46 Kenny, John Frances  1937Geelong, Victoria, Australia I47127
47 La Franchi, Matilda Anne  4 Feb 2012Geelong, Victoria, Australia I102809
48 Liddle, John  1902Geelong, Victoria, Australia I33200
49 McErvale, Norman Ivie Ercil  3 Dec 1988Geelong, Victoria, Australia I20005
50 McErvale, William  1958Geelong, Victoria, Australia I630

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cheeseman, Amelia  1888Geelong, Victoria, Australia I26524
2 Kemp, Margaretina  29 Jul 1977Geelong, Victoria, Australia I146008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Mary Ann  8 Mar 1846Geelong, Victoria, Australia I42929


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Button, Emily  25 Aug 1857Geelong, Victoria, Australia I42977
2 Clarke, Elizabeth  16 Jan 1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1533
3 Welsh, William  16 Jan 1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kemp, Allan William  Geelong, Victoria, Australia I35549


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowker / Hunt  1851Geelong, Victoria, Australia F9827
2 Cameron / McQueen  6 Jun 1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia F9420
3 Gibbons / Kemp  1876Geelong, Victoria, Australia F14812
4 Kemp / Duncan  1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia F159
5 Kemp / O'Brien  Abt 1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia F9863
6 McErvale / Bligh  16 Mar 1932Geelong, Victoria, Australia F26618
7 Morrison / Langley  1 May 1861Geelong, Victoria, Australia F8865
8 Stow / Pike  19 Oct 1874Geelong, Victoria, Australia F5978
9 Welsh / Fraser  Abt 1859Geelong, Victoria, Australia F171