A one-name genealogy study of Kemp(e), Camp(e) and related families worldwide
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Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -37.7812, Longitude: 145.029


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barlow, Thomas George  Abt 1856Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I1028
2 Heward, Emily  1856Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I63452
3 Murphy, Catherine  Abt 1862Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I1155
4 Murphy, Eliza  Abt 1864Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I1156
5 Murphy, James  Abt 1867Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I1158
6 Murphy, Margaret  Abt 1869Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I1159
7 Murphy, Thomas  Abt 1865Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I1157
8 Whiteacre, Emily Lockwood  1891Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I63468


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barr, Nellie  Oct 1969Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I30150
2 Beat, Elizabeth  1943Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I42938
3 Brown, Elaine Margaret  1977Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I45598
4 Burtt, William James  11 Aug 1984Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I30608
5 Cave, Frank  1936Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I44529
6 Clark, Winifred May  1961Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I44550
7 Conn, Alexander Simpson  1926Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I44583
8 Cunningham, Frederick Arthur  Aug 1968Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I30320
9 Devlin, John Henry  1967Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I44644
10 Donald, Ellen Kathleen  1982Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I39299
11 Donald, Margaret Anne  1982Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I39302
12 Duck, Cleveland Gordon Kenneth  14 Dec 1972Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I26442
13 Edmunds, Walter Allan  1969Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I88280
14 Edwards, William Everett  1935Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I35839
15 Elms, Ruby Lillian Maria  1966Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I30163
16 Engelsman, George Lewis  1941Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I44659
17 Fields, Eva Catherine  1964Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I45820
18 Gallie, Isadora Alfredia  1938Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I35831
19 Gist, Dora Elizabeth  1970Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I327532
20 Gist, Howard Ernest  2003Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I327536
21 Greenwood, George Henry Clarance  1949Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I44833
22 Higgins, Charles Douglas  1930Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I21651
23 Hoare, Richard Rowney  Nov 1981Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I30294
24 Hogan, Catherine Nellie  1978Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I47305
25 Hunter, Mary Elizabeth  1930Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I46786
26 Jackson, William Henry  19 Apr 1953Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I133005
27 Johnson, Ellen Victoria  26 May 1940Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I26549
28 Jordan, Thomas  1935Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I56637
29 Kemp, Alice Gertrude  1966Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I35999
30 Kemp, Annie Smithers  1924Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I33199
31 Kemp, Arthur Meredith Robert  15 Nov 1970Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I31669
32 Kemp, Carl Alfred  25 Apr 1949Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I33547
33 Kemp, Charles James  3 May 1948Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I35345
34 Kemp, Constance Lilian  1966Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I35991
35 Kemp, Dora  1961Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I35956
36 Kemp, Edward Albert  1958Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I38329
37 Kemp, Edward Albert Harcourt  1962Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I45413
38 Kemp, Elaine Margaret  24 Jan 1977Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I369833
39 Kemp, Elsie  30 Jul 1972Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I369867
40 Kemp, George  Jun 1980Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I45905
41 Kemp, George William  1974Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I45927
42 Kemp, George William  30 Jul 1974Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I374403
43 Kemp, Henry  1938Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I45978
44 Kemp, Jessie Florence  1962Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I35962
45 Kemp, Leslie Brand  Mar 1970Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I46633
46 Kemp, Lillian  1968Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I36039
47 Kemp, Margaret Jane  1963Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I36005
48 Kemp, Stanley Phillip  24 Jan 1981Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I45217
49 Kemp, Surrey John  1965Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I47038
50 Leeson, Robert Victor  1951Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I20927

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Ellen Victoria  28 May 1940Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I26549
2 Watt, James  15 Sep 1926Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I28059
3 Watt, Lindsay  1937Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia I26355


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aboud / Watt  17 Jan 1957Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia F7932
2 Whiteacre / Heward  17 Aug 1887Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia F19463