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Horsham, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -36.7148, Longitude: 142.202


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Eliza George Maud  1877Horsham, Victoria, Australia I49467
2 Baker, Elizabeth Ellen  1880Horsham, Victoria, Australia I49469
3 Baker, Ernest Erwin  1882Horsham, Victoria, Australia I49470
4 Baker, Maria Rose George  1879Horsham, Victoria, Australia I49468
5 Baker, Minnie  1883Horsham, Victoria, Australia I49471
6 Barber, Ernest Milner  1895Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44302
7 Barber, Nellie Selina  1891Horsham, Victoria, Australia I53311
8 Baum, Alice Laura  1914Horsham, Victoria, Australia I47872
9 Baum, Evelyn Pearl  1912Horsham, Victoria, Australia I53315
10 Baum, Frederick George  1908Horsham, Victoria, Australia I53316
11 Brook, Clarence  1903Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44494
12 Brook, Stanley  1910Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44496
13 Collins, Arthur Allan  1917Horsham, Victoria, Australia I47915
14 Collins, Frederick Ernest William  1908Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44575
15 Collins, Percival Harold  1911Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44576
16 Collins, Stanley Keith  1915Horsham, Victoria, Australia I47917
17 Dumesny, Edith May  1 Apr 1914Horsham, Victoria, Australia I53319
18 Ellis, Dorothy Agnes  1915Horsham, Victoria, Australia I47938
19 Ellis, Norman William  1920Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44658
20 Featherby, Jane Ann  1881Horsham, Victoria, Australia I21150
21 Kemp, Alan James  18 Jan 1934Horsham, Victoria, Australia I53080
22 Kemp, Alfred Lindsay  1900Horsham, Victoria, Australia I50259
23 Kemp, Annie Elizabeth  19 Sep 1876Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35803
24 Kemp, Arthur  12 Oct 1874Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35410
25 Kemp, Edna Mavis  1915Horsham, Victoria, Australia I48114
26 Kemp, Edward William  1916Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44417
27 Kemp, Ernest James  19 Feb 1908Horsham, Victoria, Australia I45748
28 Kemp, Geoffrey Wilson  28 Jul 1916Horsham, Victoria, Australia I45902
29 Kemp, Herbert Richard  1897Horsham, Victoria, Australia I50258
30 Kemp, Ivy May  1909Horsham, Victoria, Australia I50261
31 Kemp, Maisie Vida  1911Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35811
32 Kemp, May  1891Horsham, Victoria, Australia I33139
33 Kemp, Myrtle Eveline  13 Apr 1902Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35873
34 Kemp, Norman Frederick  1917Horsham, Victoria, Australia I48181
35 Kemp, Rosa May  1886Horsham, Victoria, Australia I49729
36 Kemp, Ruby Beryl  1915Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44544
37 Kemp, Theresa Maidia  1914Horsham, Victoria, Australia I48033
38 Kemp, Vera Rosetta  29 Aug 1910Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36275
39 Knuckey, Jessie Lavina  19 Apr 1903Horsham, Victoria, Australia I46554
40 Robinson, Margaret  20 Dec 1874Horsham, Victoria, Australia I20050
41 Wilson, Cowie Stanley  1907Horsham, Victoria, Australia I49835


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abernethy, Ivy Myrtle  1931Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36299
2 Baker, Eliza George Maud  1878Horsham, Victoria, Australia I49467
3 Baker, Maria Rose George  1879Horsham, Victoria, Australia I49468
4 Button, Betsy Jane  5 Apr 1926Horsham, Victoria, Australia I42969
5 Clark, Brian Robert  1942Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44546
6 Clark, Leslie Raymond  16 Mar 1967Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36032
7 Collins, Frederick Ernest William  1958Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44575
8 Creek, Esther  15 Oct 1917Horsham, Victoria, Australia I33142
9 Dumesny, Edith May  7 Jan 2002Horsham, Victoria, Australia I53319
10 Edelsten, Gordon Edward  17 Feb 2011Horsham, Victoria, Australia I27007
11 Eldridge, Albert Lawrence  1971Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35812
12 Giri, Annie Elizabeth  1954Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35876
13 Golder, Edith Rosetta  18 Jan 1959Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36274
14 Hardinge, Eliza Anne  15 Dec 1958Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36260
15 Kemp, Arthur  1936Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35410
16 Kemp, Edith Alexandrina  1977Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36186
17 Kemp, Edna Mavis  1915Horsham, Victoria, Australia I48114
18 Kemp, Edward  1919Horsham, Victoria, Australia I48195
19 Kemp, Edward William  26 Jul 1971Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44417
20 Kemp, Eric Owen  28 Jul 1993Horsham, Victoria, Australia I116873
21 Kemp, Ernest James  20 Mar 1976Horsham, Victoria, Australia I45748
22 Kemp, Geoffrey Wilson  1979Horsham, Victoria, Australia I45902
23 Kemp, Gregory John  1974Horsham, Victoria, Australia I45944
24 Kemp, Hazel Lillian  1983Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36261
25 Kemp, James  4 Mar 1961Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36273
26 Kemp, Jane  1895Horsham, Victoria, Australia I56867
27 Kemp, Leslie Robert  20 Jun 1979Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44415
28 Kemp, Maisie Vida  1948Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35811
29 Kemp, May  27 May 1925Horsham, Victoria, Australia I33139
30 Kemp, Percival Alfred  1966Horsham, Victoria, Australia I46893
31 Kemp, Robert  29 Jun 1956Horsham, Victoria, Australia I46953
32 Kemp, Robert Alexander  2005Horsham, Victoria, Australia I45943
33 Kemp, Robert John  1953Horsham, Victoria, Australia I46969
34 Kemp, Susanna  1928Horsham, Victoria, Australia I44310
35 Kemp, Sylvia Dorothy  1972Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36090
36 Kemp, Thomas  1912Horsham, Victoria, Australia I53966
37 Kemp, Thomas William  6 Apr 1912Horsham, Victoria, Australia I33141
38 Kemp, William John  12 Jan 1949Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35809
39 Kemp, William Thomas  1943Horsham, Victoria, Australia I35204
40 Kemp, Zipporah Rebekah  14 Dec 1968Horsham, Victoria, Australia I36031
41 Kempe, Hermann Paul  1966Horsham, Victoria, Australia I115396
42 Knuckey, Jessie Lavina  15 Sep 1979Horsham, Victoria, Australia I46554
43 Martin, Donald William  1933Horsham, Victoria, Australia I47185
44 McMurtrie, Merren Maude  14 Jan 2002Horsham, Victoria, Australia I19884
45 Smith, Matilda  1964Horsham, Victoria, Australia I47643


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kempe, Hermann Paul  Horsham, Victoria, Australia I115396


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Jamieson /   25 Sep 1942Horsham, Victoria, Australia F24986
2 Kemp / Knuckey  30 Mar 1932Horsham, Victoria, Australia F15728